Cristobal and the Ducks are Ready for the Colorado Buffaloes After 2016's Disappointing Loss

Zachary Neel

It was September 24, 2016, and the Oregon Ducks football program was in the midst of a tumble towards rock-bottom after losing to the Colorado Buffaloes, 41-38, at home. After falling behind 26-17 at the half, not even an impressive 3rd quarter comeback could hold up against the Buffs, and Oregon fell to 2-2 on the season, while the fan base got ready to hit the panic button. 

Do you think the Ducks remember that day as they prepare for this Friday's game against Colorado?

When speaking to the media on Monday morning, Oregon coach Mario Cristobal couldn't help but admit that the loss was still in the minds of many players who are still on the team. While the program has since bounced back to relevance and again is one of the better teams in the nation, memories of dark days can still bubble to the surface when certain trigger words are uttered.  A couple of those words are 'Colorado' and 'Buffaloes.'

This time around, Oregon is ready for what they might face. 

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Ducks are going to come out swinging in this game. They shouldn't have a real problem when it comes to Colorado.


first of all, it was nice to watch this game live with the GangGreen. Second, my hats off to the 2nd string CalQB for taking his lumps but showing heart and throwing the ball and running the ball without fear.

As for the O offense, in the first half let’s just say Cal had them. The run play was bad and the Pass Action play didn’t exist. I kept waiting for the Ducks to turn loose but the playing calling was really bad. First lad play was a C grade for effort. 2nd half the play calling got better but to only see Herbert regressing with most of his throws being under thrown or late cause receivers to come and scoop up up the ball or look behind themselves to try and pull it in. The win was scrappy and a healthy Cal team could’ve won this game. I give the duck offense a B- for making a better effort although very messy. I give the Ducks Defense an A for saving this game and shutting down 3rd down conversions. Overall, I’m concerned the Ducks offense seems to be unraveling, dropped balls continue to be a problem. In division play, I think they’re going to feel the heat and perhaps this program right now is better off playing lower division schools to keep a healthy win ratio. But I love the Ducks so I hope Cristobal can prove he has the staff to compete in the PAC-12 because he’s drafting at all time high for Oregon.