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Oregon Quarterback Bo Nix Previews Arizona Wildcats

The leader of the Ducks' offense shares his input on this week's matchup along with a few notes from the season.

Oregon Ducks quarterback Bo Nix met with reporters in Eugene following Tuesday's practice. 

Find the press conference video below as well as a transcript of a few answered questions. 

Question: "You were really able to get some plays with your legs last game. Arizona defensively seems like they are a little susceptible there, does it feel like it’s something to focus on this week?" 

Nix: “Yeah, every game we want to use our resources, what we got every game. I want to do a good job of running when it's there and doing my job and at the same time when the shots not there using my legs and so we're gonna have the same type of game plan, do everything we can get the ball down field and then just kind of improvise.”

Question: "You guys talk at all about the Arizona environment? I know Washington State was a tough one. I think Arizona is another one that provides some problems."

Nix: “Yeah, we've talked about it and obviously it's good that we played at Wazzu because it kind of got us started and we've had some good away games so far this year, some loud ones, and so I think that's gonna pay off for us."

Question: "You lead the country in passing yards in the red zone and you're also like the third highest rushing yards among quarterback, usually those two things don't go together. How have you been able to accomplish that?"

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Nix: “Well, it's been straight scheme and coaches. They've put us in a great situation to do those things. And we've had a good plan once we've gotten to the red zone and then at the end of the day, an 80-yard run just helps in a lot of those categories. But obviously, we take what we get and whenever those kind of plays are there to be made it's important that we make them. So like I said it just goes back to scheme in the red zone and completing passes to where our guys can make plays.”

Question: "What have you seen from this Arizona defense? 

Nix: “Extremely athletic. They do a lot of different things defensively, which can kind of be confusing for guys, but I feel confident with our O-line and the experience they have of just kind of settling in and making calls and going with it. And at the same time, we're gonna have a good game plan and so they're gonna be a good team. They're gonna present some challenges, we just gotta do our best to kind of avoid the negatives and I feel confident if we do that, we'll be able to move the ball.” 

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