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WATCH: Dan Lanning Gives Final Updates Before Facing Washington State

Dan Lanning is ready to face an intriguing Washington State team led by Jake Dickert this weekend.
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Oregon Ducks head coach Dan Lanning held his final media availability with reporters in Eugene before the team hits the road to travel to Pullman for their week 4 matchup against the Washington State Cougars.

Opening statement: "Good day today. Third down, red area. Washington State especially on defense presents a lot of challenges with their presentation on third down. A lot of guys dropping out from the line of scrimmage. Some exotic pressures, so good for us to get a look at those early. They do a good job with the perimeter game on offense and extending plays with their quarterback play. A lot of our focus today--still really at the end of the day focusing on fundamentals for us and what we can improve on."

Question: "Is it at all difficult to game plan for their quarterback when a lot of his tape is at the FCS level?"

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Lanning: "No he's a good quarterback. Good football is good football. He's got a fast delivery. We've talked as a defensive staff he's like a shortstop at times the way he's able to get the ball out really quick. But no, good play is good play."

Question: "You spoke to the difficult environment you're gonna go into, you haven't experienced that before."

Lanning: "I've been up there once when I was a graduate assistant at Arizona State. I know they're passionate fans. Every one of us knows that. We've talked about the false starts that their environment can create, some of the stuff they've done in the history of their program there. It's a good environment we all know that."

Question: "Is it like a Starkville (Mississippi) without the cow bell?"

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First year head coach Dan Lanning is already making a massive impact on the trail.

Lanning: "I don't know it's been so long since I've been there but again, I do think it's a unique atmosphere. But yeah, that might be a fair comparison."

Question: "What have you been trying to do to eliminate potentially some of those false starts with your team?"

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Lanning: "We practice with a lot of crowd noise. Making ourselves communicate a bit earlier in that process. That's been part of what we've done this week."

Question: "How are Byron (Cardwell) and Justin (Flowe)?"

Lanning: "They're practicing but I'm not gonna talk about injuries right now."

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