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With this being Senior Day and the last home game of the season, please come out and see all the changes to Frog Alley. KillerFrogs met with Brooke Robinson, Assistant Director of Athletics Marketing to find out what goes into the set-up each week and why some changes were made to increase the fan experience.

Changes were made to Frog Alley for two reasons. One was to create a seamless game day experience from the Commons to the stadium, and another was to have room for further growth including more food trucks, a new beer garden, and a large Kid Zone. By making the move to Stadium Drive, the football team and the band now can walk straight from the commons to Amon G. Carter Stadium, creating more of a traditional experience like the Grove at Ole Miss or the walk-through Red Stick at LSU. With the move, there are more food trucks from Mi Cocina, who also runs the beer gardens; Rudy’s Barbeque; and traditional fan favorite Ol’ South Pancake House. 

This change also allows room to occasionally have two or more bounce houses in the Kid Zone. With all this growth in Frog Alley, the idea is to create a more interactive fan experience. In the future, there are hopes of having merchandise retailers join in the experience.

Frogs fans enjoying Frog Alley before a game

Frogs Fans enjoy the new and improved Frog Alley before a recent TCU football game.

The set-up and tear-down behind the scenes to create the Frog Alley experience is an all-day affair. Set-up usually starts up to six hours before Kickoff where the head of security begins to shut down Stadium Drive so that the vendors can begin to enter and set up. Once set-up is complete and all the vendors are in their spots, Frog Alley opens three hours prior to the game. Vendors are encouraged to create an experience for the fans. Tear-down starts 30 minutes prior to Kickoff to allow fans to get to their seats.

This map can help guide fans through the Frog Alley experience for this week’s game:

Frog Alley Map

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Game Day Schedule

Parking lots open - 10 a.m.

Frog Alley opens - 12 p.m.

Frog Walk - 12:30 p.m.

Gate open - 1 p.m.

Pregame begins - 2:30 p.m.

Game time - 3 p.m.

For any questions while visiting Frog Alley, visit the information tent at the front near the crosswalk. Enjoy this game day experience, and as always, Go Frogs!

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