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The Bruins may be seven months away from kicking off their next season, but it's never too early to try and get a read on who might be donning the blue and gold come fall.

Looking so far ahead requires much more speculation and guess work than it would in the later days of fall camp, and even spring camp is a few months away. The transfer portal is still red hot, and UCLA is bound to make a few more additions via that route at the very least.

Still, gathering information about incoming transfers and recruits, taking into account what we've heard from coaches and players in interviews and making inferences here and there, this is All Bruins' initial look at UCLA football's 2022 depth chart.



1: Dorian Thompson-Robinson, super senior
2: Ethan Garbers, redshirt sophomore
3: Chase Griffin, redshirt junior
4: Chase Artopoeus, redshirt junior
5: Justyn Martin, freshman

Running Back

1: Zach Charbonnet, senior
2: Keegan Jones, redshirt junior
3: Christian Grubb, redshirt junior
4: Deshun Murrell, redshirt freshman
5: Tomarion Harden, freshman
6: Brian Kowall, redshirt sophomore

X Receiver

1: Jake Bobo, super senior
2: Jadyn Marshall, freshman
3: Matt Sykes, junior
4: Colson Yankoff, redshirt senior
5: Ezavier Staples, redshirt freshman
6: Braden Pegan, freshman
7: Ashton Authement, redshirt junior

Z Receiver

1: Kam Brown, redshirt junior
2: Kazmeir Allen, redshirt senior
3: Titus Mokiao-Atimalala, sophomore
4: Devanti Dillard, redshirt sophomore

Slot Receiver

1: Logan Loya, junior
2: Josiah Norwood, redshirt senior
3: DJ Justice, redshirt freshman
4: Bradley Schlom, redshirt sophomore

Tight End

1: Michael Ezeike, super senior
2: Mike Martinez, redshirt junior
3: Jack Pederson, freshman
4: Carsen Ryan, freshman
5: David Priebe, redshirt senior
6: Michael Churich, redshirt junior
7: Hudson Habermehl, redshirt junior
8: Grant Norberg, redshirt sophomore
9: Lucas Egurbide, redshirt sophomore
10: Sam Summa, redshirt freshman

Left Tackle

1: Raiqwon O'Neal, redshirt senior
2: Lucas Gramlick, redshirt senior
3: Patrick Selna, redshirt sophomore

Left Guard

1: Atonio Mafi, super senior
2: Baraka Beckett, redshirt senior
3: Luke Young, redshirt junior
4: Noah Pulealii, redshirt freshman
5: Taka Mahe, redshirt freshman


1: Sam Marrazzo, super senior
2: Duke Clemens, senior
3: Bruno Fina, redshirt sophomore
4: Benjamin Roy, redshirt freshman

Right Guard

1: Jon Gaines II, redshirt senior
2: Josh Carlin, redshirt junior
3: Siale Taupaki, redshirt junior
4: Justin Williams, redshirt sophomore

Right Tackle

1: Garrett DiGiorgio, redshirt freshman
2: Thomas Cole, redshirt freshman
3: Sam Yoon, freshman
4: Brad Whitworth, redshirt junior


Defensive End

1: Gabriel Murphy, redshirt junior
2: Grayson Murphy, redshirt junior
3: Devin Aupiu, sophomore
4: Laiatu Latu, redshirt junior
5: Choe Bryant-Strother, redshirt sophomore
6: Christian Burkhalter, redshirt freshman
7: Hayden Nelson, redshirt freshman

Defensive Tackle

1: Odua Isibor, super senior
2: Gary Smith III, junior
3: Jay Toia, sophomore
4: Hayden Harris, redshirt junior
5: Dovid Magna, redshirt junior

Defensive Tackle

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1: Tyler Manoa, super senior
2: Jacob Sykes, senior
3: Martin Andrus Jr., super senior
4: Quntin Somerville, redshirt freshman
5: Sitiveni Havili-Kaufusi, redshirt junior


1: Bo Calvert, super senior
2: Carl Jones, senior
3: Joquarri Price, redshirt sophomore
4: Adam Cohen, redshirt junior
5: James Dinneen, redshirt junior

Will Linebacker

1: Caleb Johnson, super senior
2: Ale Kaho, redshirt senior
3: Damian Sellers, junior
4: Jalen Woods, freshman
5: Carson Schwesinger, redshirt freshman

Mike Linebacker

1: Darius Muasau, senior
2: Kain Medrano, redshirt junior
3: JonJon Vaughns, junior
4: Jeremiah Trojan, redshirt sophomore
5: Kobey Fitzgerald, redshirt senior
6: Erich Osteen, redshirt junior


1: Martell Irby, redshirt senior
2: Shea Pitts, super senior
3: William Nimmo Jr., redshirt junior
4: Jake Newman, redshirt sophomore
5: Croix Stewart, freshman


1: Devin Kirkwood, sophomore
2: Mo Osling III, super senior
3: Evan Thomas, redshirt sophomore


1: Azizi Hearn, super senior
2: Jaylin Davies, redshirt freshman
3: John Humphrey, redshirt sophomore
4: Joshua Swift, redshirt sophomore


1: Kenny Churchwell III, redshirt senior
2: Kamari Ramsey, freshman
3: Alex Johnson, redshirt senior
4: Deavyn Woullard, redshirt junior
5: Kaleb Tuliau, redshirt junior
6: Isaiah Newcombe, redshirt freshman


1: Stephan Blaylock, super senior
2: Elisha Guidry, redshirt senior
3: Clint Stephens, freshman
4: Parker Hogan, redshirt sophomore
5: Jelani Warren, redshirt junior

Special Teams


1: Nicholas Barr-Mira, redshirt junior
2: Ari Libenson, redshirt sophomore
3: Michael James, freshman


1: Chase Barry, freshman
2: Kalen Jones, freshman

Kickoff Specialist

1: RJ Lopez, junior
2: Nicholas Barr-Mira, redshirt sophomore

Long Snapper

1: Jack Landherr IV, senior
2: Beau Gardner, redshirt sophomore

Kick Returner

1: Kazmeir Allen, redshirt senior
2: Keegan Jones, redshirt junior

Punt Returner

1: Logan Loya, junior
2: Titus Mokiao-Atimalala, sophomore

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