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UCLA men’s basketball guard Tyger Campbell and center Myles Johnson talked to reporters about the Bruins’ 73-61 victory over Colorado on Wednesday, including how they staved off the Buffaloes’ comeback attempt, what led to the late surge on offense and some notable postgame traditions. 

Coach said he wants you to take more shots – do you feel that?

Tyger Campbell: When I'm out there, I'm just trying to take what the defense gives me. My teammates were finding me tonight, they were getting me open. I got some good looks and I knocked them down. It wasn't anything about being super aggressive or thinking about me. I'm thinking about the team and whatever coach needs me to do.

'UCLA triple double' in front of Russell Westbrook?

Myles Johnson: Definitely happy I could perform like that today. Just doing anything I can to help our team get the dub. Happy with whoever got to see it – Russell, anybody, whoever – I'd be happy that my performance was seen and happy we got the dub today.

Second half foul trouble?

MJ: Whenever you're playing with fouls, being a big, it's something I always have to worry about. You just have to wall up more and be more conscious of jumping into while trying to block a shot a contested two and pretty much just staying down and being smart about it. Sometimes, you just have to get out the way knowing that you are in foul trouble. So it's just being smarter.

When team isn't going its way, you looked pretty comfortable hitting the big shots?

TC: I always try to play confident, because I know coach believes in me and my team believes in me and I believe in myself. Yeah, I like to take to big shots – I'm sure every player does. Today, the shots went it. I just kept shooting.

MJ: Certified bucket.

Hear Russ on the sidelines?

TC: I heard some of the things he said during the game. He was just telling me to keep shooting and be aggressive. It means a lot coming from him, because he's such a great player and obviously the legacy he left here – all the Final Fours. It means a lot for him to even come back and just watch us play. So I'm just thankful for that.

How do you stay mentally ready?

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MJ: Just stay locked into our scouting report and just think about all the things that we're working on, things that we don't want Colorado to do, just focus on that on defense. And then on offense, just play with a little more poise, be more patient. i think that's been the key today. The past couple games we got rushed a little bit. Just playing with some poise on offense and then on defense just locking in. 

Dream shake move on Evan Battey, trying to expand post offense right now?

MJ: Yeah, me and coach Savino literally were working on that exact move before the game. And in practice we’ve been working on just kind of going through shot fakes and stuff like that to get defenders off their feet and definitely something I’m capable of and I’m happy that today it worked very well. Definitely part of the game I’m trying to expand and just get defenders off their feet for easier baskets.

Coach challenging you to be aggressive?

MJ: Yeah coach want always wants me to be the best player I can. He definitely wants me to on offense be as aggressive as possible try to score whenever I can. Sometimes I think passing it out when we got tremendous shooters, but coach always pushes me like, 'Oh you’re in the paint. It’s your time.' I’m definitely thankful that he pushes me on offense that much and even on defense to push me to be the best player I can on both sides of the floor.

Rhythym while passing and shooting?

TC: Kinda like what I said, coach was telling me to be aggressive, kind of play my game, coming off screens I was open so I was just taking the shot the defense was giving me. I wouldn’t say I was thinking like ‘I gotta go, I gotta go’ or anything like that it was just taking what the defense gave me and trying to give energy to my teammates so we could go on a run.

Thoughts on coming back local and being a Bruin?

MJ: Oh yeah no, honored to be here. I mean, you look at the roster a lot of people are from SoCal just kinda around the area and I think that helps us you know our pride even more that everyone’s from around the area, grew up seeing UCLA, the history around the program, stuff like that so I feel like we just rep the school, knowing that we’re from here and we’ve seen what they’ve produced here.

Playing in front of Russ?

MJ: It's crazy. You look into the crowd and you see just all-stars and Russell Westbrook – one of the great alumni here. Today in shootaround, I was talking to Bill Walton. Being able to talk to an all-time player like that is just crazy.

Strawberry milk?

MJ: Oh yeah. Every postgame, one of these, it keeps me running.

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