USC Defensive Line Coach Talks Replacing Marlon Tuipulotu

Vic So'oto talks about who is stepping up at Spring practice.
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During media availability on Thursday morning, USC defensive line coach, Vic So'oto, told reporters that he is ready for his guys to show up big in spring training.

The departure of Marlon Tuipulotu leaves a major hole to fill on USC's defensive line this fall, but this void doesn't concern So'oto in the slightest.

"I'm not afraid to play guys who can just go out there and play and can play the whole game, like Marlon" said So'oto.

Marlon had 23 total tackles and 12 solo tackles in the 2020 season. He has been featured in several mock NFL drafts. One recent draft had him going in the fourth round by the San Fransisco 49ers.

But who will replace him on the Trojans starting lineup in September?

"Who that is, is still up in the air" said USC's defensive line coach. 

"Who carves out a role for themselves in the fall is still yet to be seen, but a lot of guys have come in ready to work and [are] ready to learn." (So'oto)

Although Marlon Tuipulotu's replacement is still unclear, the Trojans have plenty of options on their roster. One man who remains in the mix is Marlon's little brother Tuli Tuipulotu.

Tuli had 22 total sacks and 12 solo sacks in 2020.

"If guys are playing, if Tuli can play 90 plays at a high level and be productive, then he is going to play 90 plays at a high level and be productive." (So'oto)

And how does Tuli feel about playing on the team without his older brother, and defensive leader, Marlon?

"I feel no difference." Tuli told the media, "Everybody on the D line is my brother, so we are still family over here."


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