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Donte Williams Calls USC's Defensive Efforts 'Disgusting'

The USC Trojans allowed 62-points by crosstown rival UCLA on Saturday.

The USC Trojans visibly struggled on defense, Saturday against the UCLA Bruins, allowing Chip Kelly's team to score 62 points total, and 20 in the fourth quarter of the game. 

But this teams struggle to contain opposing offenses, wasn't isolated to the Bruins. USC has allowed 255 points against Pac-12 opponents, and lost four games at home this year.

Interim head coach Donte Williams was asked his opinion of those numbers, during a Sunday press conference with reporters, to which he called 'disgusting'.

"Yeah, I mean, I mean, I don't know another way to put it, but that's disgusting. You know, that's just something that we have to correct. And, you know, I can't continue to talk about how we need to correct it because it needs to be done. Whether that is scheme, whether that's players, no matter what it is, you know, it's something different every time. You know, you call a perfect play, then all of a sudden, somebody misses a tackle. All of a sudden, you know, you got a player in the right situation and you call the wrong play. It's one thing or another every time, and it almost seems like, you know, it's like they're in our huddle, and they're calling our plays almost to the point to where it's like too many times they're calling the perfect place to work against us."

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Looking ahead USC will take on No. 14 BYU on Saturday, Nov. 27, for their final home game of the 2021 season. The Cougars have put up 142 points against their last three opponents this year.


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