Best Dallas Cowboys player to wear jersey No. 62

Who is the greatest Dallas Cowboys player ever to wear the number 62?
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When I think of the number 62, I think of the iconic moment in The Waterboy when Adam Sandler's Bobby Boucher wants revenge on the other team's No. 62 and brutally gives him a dropkick.

However, the number means a lot more to one former member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Let's take a closer look at the greatest Cowboys player to represent the number 62 for the silver and blue.

John Fitzgerald - C

Dallas Cowboys John Fitzgerald
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John Fitzgerald was the fourth-round pick for the Cowboys in the 1970 NFL Draft. The pride of Boston College didn't start his first game with the team until 1973. From '73 until his final year playing in 1980, Fitzgerald appeared in more than 12 games every season.

If you played for the Cowboys in the '70s and are considered one of the best, then more than likely, you were a member of one of the franchise's Super Bowl championship teams. For Fitzgerald, he was a part of the '71 and '77 Super Bowl-winning teams.

Fitzgerald was among the select few who got to be a part of the Cowboys' greatness. The story of the 1977 championship team cannot be told without telling the tale of the man who led the offensive line. John Fitzgerald is the right candidate to be known as the greatest ever to wear No. 62 in Dallas.

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