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Alabama Football Celebrates Nick Saban's 70th Birthday

The Crimson Tide threw an early birthday celebration for the head coach on Thursday who is celebrating a milestone birthday this weekend.

It was a few days early, but the Alabama football team made sure they got in a birthday celebration for Nick Saban's 70th birthday before players are allowed to head home for a brief break on the bye weekend. 

The Alabama head coach's birthday is actually on Sunday, but because it falls on the Crimson Tide's off weekend this year, the team celebrated on Thursday. (Last year, Alabama beat Mississippi State 41-0 on Saban's 69th birthday.)

At (almost) 70 years old, Saban's still got it and hasn't slowed down at all in coaching or recruiting. That was the theme of Thursday's birthday festivities, "70 and Still a Playa" with a cake and sign featuring Saban back in his playing days at Kent State.

Along with the cake, there were cupcakes for the whole team to enjoy. Saban revealed on Wednesday's SEC coaches teleconference what type of cake he prefers to have on his birthday. 

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"I like carrot cake, and Miss Carla, who works with Miss Terry, probably makes the best carrot cake in Tuscaloosa County for sure," Saban said. 

Whether the whole team got some of Miss Carla's carrot cake or not on Thursday is unknown, but celebrating the legendary coach's 70th birthday is certainly a situation that deserves cake. 

As is tradition around the football complex, the players donned party hats, blasted kazoos and serenaded their coach with the singing of "Happy Birthday." A new aspect this year was the addition of special shades worn by some of the players and Saban himself.