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Dylan Moses Played Most of 2020 Season With Knee Injury

Moses spoke with the media ahead of Tuesday's Pro Day for Alabama football

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Heading into Alabama football's Pro Day to display his talents to NFL scouts across the country, linebacker Dylan Moses is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses that he brings to the table.

On Monday, Moses spoke with the media regarding what he will bring with him to whatever NFL franchise picks him in April's draft.

For starters, Moses discussed his strengths as a player.

"My biggest strength I would say is being able to learn quickly," Moses said. "Being able to adjust, being able to adapt to any system and basically run with any guys that's on the field. I'm a great competitor so just me, like, already having athletic ability and god-gifted talents I'm not the type of person that would settle for less. I can always work on my craft so I feel like that's a strength for me."

Moses finished his career at Alabama with 196 total tackles at the linebacker position. 22 of those tackles were for a loss — 98 yards. He also forced three fumbles and made two interceptions.

While he was plagued with injuries throughout his time with the Crimson Tide, Moses remained one of Alabama's key players on defense when he was on the field. As he revealed on Monday, Moses stated that he suffered an injured meniscus in the third game of last season that limited his output.

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Even with that injury, Moses was still able to account for 80 total tackles with 6.5 being for loss.

While his strengths on the field are certainly there, Moses also discussed his key weakness heading into the NFL.

"A weakness is me being too hard on myself," Moses said. "I can be too hard on myself sometimes and just, like, trying to limit that in a sense. You know, keep going — not letting the little things the little things bother you. I'm a perfectionist so I try to get everything right so me knowing that not everything is perfect so it's just, like, working through that pretty much and keeping a balanced mind."

Moses faced a lot of adversity during his time at Alabama. Between injuries and the COVID-19 pandemic, he contemplated leaving the Crimson Tide and seek playing football elsewhere before his family expressed their desire for him to stay.

Moses referred to the linebackers that started ahead of him as those that provided an impression on him in his early days with the Crimson Tide and helped mold him into the player he is today.

"My first year at 'Bama I had to sit behind Rashaan Evans," Moses said. "He was a great linebacker and he took me under his wing whenever I first got here so I learned a lot from him. Pretty much just watching all the older guys because I was around a lot of great players my freshman year ongoing but that year really helped me just with being around Minkah [Fitzpatrick] and Rashaan and just, like, all the older guys that was on the team at the time.

"Watching them and how they conducted themselves and how to be a leader, it really carried me throughout my entire career at 'Bama."