Alabama Crimson Tide Players in the NFL by Team

Entering 2020 training camps there's only one NFL team that doesn't have a former Crimson Tide player on its roster, and even that one has someone who spent time in Tuscaloosa
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We start off with a quick trivia question that will have a short shelf life. Without looking, can you name the only team in the National Football League that doesn't have a former Alabama player on the roster heading into training camp for the 2020 season?

Here's a hint, it's one of the closest franchises physically to Tuscaloosa, one that is regularly considered a local broadcast by league standards. 

It's the New Orlean Saints. 

I know, weird, right?

Even though players are going to get cut and there will be a few NFL teams lacking a Crimson Tide presence this season, the fact that Alabama nearly has the league blanketed at any point, and in any way, is remarkable. 

There's no way of verifying it, but we'd guess it would be an NFL first should Alabama ever have a player on each of the 32 teams.

A couple of major steps toward achieving that occurred over the past year or so.

For one, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who hadn't had much of a Crimson Tide presence on the team since cornerback Deshea Townsend left the team in 2009, now have three Alabama players including outstanding defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick. 

The Denver Broncos, who hadn't selected an Alabama player since Triandos Luke in the sixth round of the 2004 NFL Draft, took Jerry Jeudy in the first round this year. 

But that wasn't the oldest draft drought for the Crimson Tide. The Philadelphia Eagles landed Freddie Milons in the 2002 NFL Draft, but this year took Jalen Hurts on the second round. 

Does that count since he played for Oklahoma last year? 

Well, his degree is from Alabama ...