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Everything Offensive Line Coach Brent Key Said After Monday's Practice

Georgia Tech coach Brent Key spoke to the media after practice on Monday

After a day off on Sunday, Georgia Tech Football was back to work on Monday as fall camp continues to roll on. The Yellow Jackets held their first scrimmage on Saturday and will hold another one this weekend. 

After practice on Monday, offensive line coach Brent Key spoke to the media. Here is everything that he said. 

1. On if he is getting closer to a starting five that he is comfortable rolling with...

"This year with us having a little more depth, we are lucky to be in that situation where we can do that. It is not always rolling guys to see who is going to be those first five guys out there or what position they are going to be in. A lot of times it is, within practice, seeing who plays well next to each other and then also getting guys experience playing next to each other. A guy might be rolling with the second group one day and maybe it is because he was playing next to him in that group that day and getting used to that guy playing to the right and the left of him."

"So it is kind of a two-fold situation with rolling guys and hopefully, we are to the point now where we can have some depth and some true playing depth, where, when you get into the season and you have six, seven, eight guys out there on the field, well it is not the first time that they have played next to each other once they get into the game and they are playing next to the center, they have got different chances and opportunities all preseason camp of doing that."

2. On the importance of breaking down form after a play...

"It is the old adage that goes "how to do it and why you're doing it". I think we have gotten to the point now where we are understanding what to do much, much better than we have in the past and understanding the schemes and protection and understanding the run schemes and what we're doing, but how to do it, the fundamental aspects of it and techniques and why we're doing it. Why am I thicker on this block as opposed to thinner based on how the linebacker aligns based on how the running backs alignment is or the quarterbacks set up in the pocket is. All of those things, so really, if you can understand those three facets of O-Line play, I think that is where you become a complete offensive lineman." 

3. On comparing the three offensive tackles (Jordan Williams, Jakiah Leftwich, and Wing Green)...

"Obviously the comparison with Jordan is a little different because Jordan has a lot of game experience. Trying to make Jordan a more complete player by learning both sides of the line, right side and left side and he will continue to do that. Having Corey (Robinson) come in has been a real pleasant surprise as well, picking up the offense early, which has allowed him to hone in on his fundamentals and his techniques and become a more complete offensive lineman at a young age and new to the program." 

"Jakiah and Wing have both been here, Wing going into his third year now, it is time for him to step up and be a guy."

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