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What Offensive Linemen Weston Franklin and Pierce Quick had to say After Practice Monday

Georgia Tech lineman Weston Franklin and Pierce Quick spoke to the media today

It was the offensive line's turn to speak to the media today after practice and after offensive line coach Brent Key spoke to the media, Weston Franklin and Pierce Quick had their turns. 

Here is what the two linemen had to say on Monday. 

Weston Franklin

1. On what it is like to be the center and one of the leaders of the offense...

"It has been different for me for sure. I am trying to work on being more of a vocal leader. Like I have said in the past, that has not been what I was known for, I was more of a quiet guy and lead by example but I have been working on being more of a vocal leader and helping those guys behind me."

2. On how he has developed since last season and the spring...

"Playing last year towards the end of the season helped me a lot and gave me a lot of confidence. I knew going in that I was going to make mistakes and I really needed those mistakes to help me become a better player and that has really given me a lot of confidence heading into this season and we have a really good group and I am ready to go."

3. On the level of communication on the offensive line...

"We are at a great level of communication. We communicate every single play and everybody sees everything that is going on in the defense and they are giving us a lot of different looks and a lot of variations of different stuff and we all have to communicate it very and if we don't, then we don't get a play executed, so we accept it and we make it work."

4. On what it has been like having different guards beside him and how that affects communication and chemistry and the challenges that poses at the center position...

"It really does not affect me. I expect those guys or whatever group is in there to execute at a high level. Everyone is doing a great job, we are really rolling in a bunch of different guys at different spots and just trying to get everybody to work together because you never know what is going to happen in a game, anybody can lose a helmet and have to pop in and play and that is what we are trying to keep working on."

5. On how he is trying to help Brandon (Best) play center...

"Brandon is a really smart kid and he knows a lot of football and he is very smart. He is getting his technique stuff down and helping with a lot of technique, I am working on it myself and trying to get better every single day at it and trying to help him along the way."

6. On the group's mindset going into the season...

"I have 100% confidence in the guys beside me and behind me and we are ready to get to the season and just go to work. I am ready for it."

Pierce Quick

1. On if he is feeling comfortable playing both guard spots...

"It is my plan to play both left and right and I have been working on both throughout camp still and I want to know both too for any situation that I could fill in no matter what happens."

2. On the value of playing multiple positions...

"Definitely. Even though I most likely won't have to play center while I am here, I still want to keep snapping and stuff like that for the next level and be able to in case something were to happen and even playing both guards helps out. I like to see myself as a person that can go in anywhere and knows the whole offense."

3. On what sticks out about the culture of this team, especially coming over from Alabama... 

"The number one thing about the culture here that I am trying to implement is the fact of going into every game knowing that we can win. I feel like one of the number one things is when guys have that confidence in knowing we can beat every opponent out there, no matter who it is. At Alabama, we had that culture, when we went into it, it wasn't if we were going to win, it was we are going to win."


4. On how he feels he is progressing and fitting in with the offense...

"The good thing was, coming in here, the offensive scheme is similar to what I ran, so that made it really easy to catch on the scheme and all of that stuff and I feel like just from day one of camp, I have progressed a lot. Coach Key has definitely helped me out a lot and teaching me a lot, mostly footwork, and trying to get that down."

5. On how the group has gelled so far in camp...

"Every day, we are getting closer and closer. Honestly, as an offensive line group and as a whole, we are a pretty close group that off the field, we are hanging out together and stuff like that and I think that helps on the field, to have that chemistry, no matter with us rotating a bunch of guys, no matter who you are playing next too, you will still feel comfortable next to him and feel confident next to him."

6. On the personality of the group and if there is a leader...

"Coming in here from day one, Jordan Williams has been a really good leader for us and this is his third year starting and that is a really big deal, having three years of college football is not an easy thing to do, and to come in here and have him from when I came on an official here, he was my host and I could just tell from day one that he was doing that. Also, Weston has spoken up a lot, coming from spring to now, Weston has become way more vocal and I can tell he has been working on it."

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