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Coach Prime's Inspirational Messages During SWAC Championship Week

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders had a few inspirational messages for his team while preparing for the 2022 SWAC Football Championship title game.

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders had a few inspirational messages for his team while preparing to meet the Southern Jaguars for the 2022 SWAC Football Championship title.


Coach Prime read "The Little Engine That Could" by Watty Piper to his team.  It's a great story about the little blue engine that helps to deliver toys to children after several better-looking and larger engines choose to pass by the toys.  But first, he must believe that he can conquer the mountain before delivering the toys to the children. 

Okay, what's the message from Coach Sanders?

"It was never about them. It was about getting them over to the other side. So they can make other folks happy," Sanders told his team and coaches.  "It was never them.  And, several train passed them up, because they were too good. They were too mighty. They were too all of that. And they were there wasting time with this little engine because it didn't fit the description. Ain't too many of y'all fit the description. Now, you're sitting on the side of that track waiting. Saying, "I think I can, I think I can." So what are you going to attach yourself to get to the other side?  That you could bless a lot of people that got faith in you.  This whole city believes in you.  Many in the SWAC believe in you.  Many are like those trains, they want to help you get to the other side.  He ended when finally the opportunity came and somebody was willing on the other side, they got together and said, "I think I can.""



Coach Sanders knows how to reach, teach, and inspire young men. It is baffling that other FBS institutions chose to be conservative in their head coaching searches and decided to "bunt" instead of "swinging to hit a home run" in extending an offer to Sanders.

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What many need to pay attention to regarding his talks and topics is the relevancy and how it connects with young men. It's a reminder of how and why Coach Sanders and his staff will continually be a force on the college recruiting circuit.  

Nevertheless, one offer is in his hands. Will others follow? Or, could Coach Prime remain another year instilling these messages and values into young men and making a difference in their lives?

We shall see.

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