News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 03/09/10 Edition

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It's been 856 days since MSU lost to UM in football or men's basketball.  Be kind to your UM family.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

It's been 856 days since MSU lost to UM in football or men's basketball. Be kind to your UM family. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.


  • I am not going to say a lot on Chris Allen. I have put up Izzo’s video and that speaks for itself. I will only say that I will be shocked if he is back on Saturday.
  • Izzo admitted that he, ‘Slowed it down,” against UM. Beilein owes him a big thank you.
  • Izzo hit the nail on the head about this team going a long way in both tournaments when he said, “We haven’t had a balance between inside and outside yet.”
  • There is not a lot of love for the Big Ten nationally, but Izzo made a great point when he mentioned that at one time or another eight teams have been in the top 25 this season.
  • The most explosive quote from Izzo was that, “I’m not sure that were where we need to be to make a run in any tournament.”
  • Izzo thinks that OSU and Wisconsin are playing the best basketball in the Big Ten.
  • MSU hasn’t won the Big Ten tournament in ten years. Izzo is more motivated then I have seen him talking about it in years. In fact he was very blunt by saying, “There shouldn’t be a reason we haven’t won this in years.” With the program he runs he truly believes that. He admitted that it has his attention when he said, “It does bother me.”
  • He went on, “It drives me. No reason we are such a good program and as poor in that tournament as we have been…I am going to take a look at my approach.”
  • If it is hard to compete in the BTT because they aren’t playing with their backs against the wall every year fighting for a big dance ticket? “That means you’re not a true competitor. If that’s your driving force I’m not sure you’re a championship program.”
  • Izzo echoed his mantra that you, “Have to be good enough to make the sweet sixteen and lucky enough to move on.”
  • Izzo was most proud that this team found a way to win a championship.
  • Izzo doesn’t mind the aggressive turnovers, but the lazy ones drive him crazy. You saw lazy turnovers against Purdue, but against UM they were pushing the ball and Izzo can deal with that.
  • I love Izzo’s frankness and he said it best, “We haven’t beat enough good teams on the road.”
  • On seeding he said something I loved. Last year the second toughest game they had was against a 10 seed.
  • Izzo thinks at best he could get a two seed. I agree that there is not chance at a one. I also don’t think that they get a two unless the win the BTT.
  • 14 points. That is how many UM had in the first half.
  • MSU is 13-3 in the last 16 against UM. 11 of those were double-digit wins.
  • Coach Izzo is the 6th coach in Big Ten history to win six or more regular season championships.
  • MSU is 13-10 in BTT history.
  • Raymar needs five more rebounds to tie the great Steve Smith for 10th on all time MSU rebounding list.
  • If Illinois upsets Wisconsin on Friday I think they are a lock for the dance. 
  • DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris are both quality young men. You can hate UM all you want from a rivalry standpoint, but those are some fine young men.