Talking Jack Nickel's De-Commitment, Tight End Recruiting, Brian Polian, Notre Dame Return Game

We discussed Jack Nickel's de-commitment from Notre Dame, tight end recruiting, Brian Polian and the Irish return game
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In the latest WSBT Sportsbeat segment I joined Darin Pritchett and Sean Stires to talk about the de-commitment of Jack Nickel from Notre Dame, Irish recruiting at tight end, Brian Polian's comments about the return game and the latest on Notre Dame spring practice.

0:10 - We kick things off by talking about the de-commitment of tight end Jack Nickel, who opened up his recruitment after being pledged to the Irish since July. We talk about players like Holden Staes and Eli Raridon, who are targets for Notre Dame at tight end.

2:48 - Sean asks about whether or not we'll get a commitment from one of those two tight ends in the near future. I mentioned that Raridon's father, Scott, was possibly either a Bob Davie or Lou Holtz recruit. He was actually a 2002 recruit, which was the first class for Ty Willingham.

3:55 - We turn the conversation to Brian Polian's comments about the punt return game, and where there is merit to Coach Polian's comments and where the Irish must get better in the return game. During this entire discussion I refer several times to specifics about how the game has changed and stats that back it up. You can find the video referenced in this segment below, and you'll see the photos and stats that show specifically what I discuss.

7:18 - Sean asks about the balance that Notre Dame must find in the punt return game, and correctly points out that there are other programs returning punts at a very successful rate despite the rule changes over the last decade.

10:05 - We shift a bit to the kick return game, which is another area where Notre Dame is not effective enough - or aggressive enough - relative to the talent the Irish possess.

12:17 - Darin asks about specifics in the return game, and how the shield actually impacts the return game.

17:12 - We wrap things up by talking about what I saw from the latest Notre Dame spring practice highlights.

18:40 - Following up on that discussion, Sean asks about the possibility of freshmen linemen Blake Fisher and Rocco Spindler playing as true freshmen.

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