Big Ten's Decision to Amend 6-Game Rule Was the Only Logical Outcome

The conference voted to amend a rule that benefitted the Ohio State Buckeyes. It was total common sense to make the change. Read more.
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Obviously it's a good day for the Buckeyes, despite the fact that it comes in a bittersweet way with the Michigan game being cancelled.

According to multiple national reports, the Big Ten athletic directors are supportive of changing their previously implemented 6-game rule in order to qualify for the league championship game. While the change still needs further official approval, that's just an administrative ordeal and isn't expected to be an issue.

The fact is, changing the rule was the right thing to do ... and not just because it helped Ohio State.

Ryan Day Thanks Big Ten for Making Rule Change

Look, the Buckeyes are far and away the best team in the Big Ten this year. As a conference, not having your best team in your marquee game - when you have the power to change that - would be a further unnecessary black eye for a conference that has already been a national punching bag the last few months.

This obviously is good news for the Buckeyes, but I would argue the league should have made this decision for any team in this exact position. I think they also have a responsibility to put their best team in the best possible position to make the College Football Playoff.

We are talking about a league that was the first to pull the plug on football this fall and when the SEC, ACC and Big 12 didn't follow suit, cobbled something together at the absolute last minute to salvage a season. And while they've been dealing with CoVID cases across the league that have forced weekly game cancellations, the league has always taken the stance that they want to be flexible when they need to be.

Michigan AD: "I just want to make it clear. I think Ohio State is one of the top four teams in this country and deserves the opportunity to be in the CFP conversation."

So they backed out of the season and then changed their minds and came back. They announced a schedule both before and after that entire month-long fiasco. Then they made an arbitrary rule saying that a team had to play six of the eight games to play for the Big Ten title game. For folks that are upset (and there are some, outside of Columbus though) that the league has done a 180 on a rule that benefitted Ohio State, get over yourself.

The Buckeyes beat Indiana head-to-head and they've gone undefeated. They've played one fewer game than the Hoosiers. Indiana's only argument to play for a Big Ten title game is that they played at least six games and the Buckeyes didn't. Sorry, that's just a dumb argument.

It's not Ohio State's fault they are the measuring stick in the league. There are people that are upset about the league, saying things like the Big Ten is "bowing to the Buckeyes" and changing the rules just to benefit them. That argument is not sensible. If Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin or any other school were ranked in the Top 4 of the College Football Playoff for three straight weeks and that team was clearly the best team in the conference through the regular season, the league should do everything it can to bolster that team's resume too. It just happens to be Ohio State.

The ACC and SEC have moved heaven and earth to put their best teams in position to make the CFP. The financial windfall for the league and it's member schools if one of them makes the Playoff is significant - there's no reason here to get in your own way. 

Common sense won the day. This was the only logical outcome.


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