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LIVE UPDATES: No. 9 Oregon Ducks vs. California

Follow along as the Ducks face the Golden Bears in a Friday night Pac-12 After Dark matchup.

Where: Stanford Stadium (Stanford, California)

When: Saturday, October 15 at approx. 7:30 p.m. PST


Announcers: Beth Mowins (play-by-play), Kirk Morrison (analyst), Dawn Davenport (sideline)

Stream: FUBO TV, Pac-12 Live

Listen: Oregon Sports Network from Learfield IMG College; local radio: KUJZ-FM 95.3 (Eugene), KFXX-AM 1080 (Portland), Sirius: 133 | XM: 197

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Game Notes: Oregon vs. Cal


FINAL: 24-17 Oregon

- Garbers throws incomplete amid pressure by Sewell and Verone McKinley, and the Ducks take over. Oregon is going to win it.

- Garbers carries to the two-yard line. Cal takes its final timeout. 5 seconds left.

- Garbers throws incomplete to Tonges, with solid coverage by Hill to bring up third down and goal at the Oregon 3 with 10 seconds left. Oregon takes its final timeout.

- Garbers is pressured from behind and throws for a first down.

- Garbers is pressured by Keyon Ware-Hudson and throws incomplete to bring up fourth down. Defensive line has really stepped up in the second half.

- Garbers fakes the handoff and is brought down by Brandon Dorlus from behind. Cal takes timeout with 0:28 left on third and four at the Oregon 8.

- Garbers overthrows an open Jake Tonges in the end zone.

- Garbers throws low to Crawford, but Trikweze Bridges is called for holding. Cal has it at the Oregon 7.

- Garbers carries for a first down to the Oregon 14.

- Oregon takes its second timeout of the second half with 60 seconds left.

- Garbers overthrows Crawford in the end zone. Biggest play of the game for the defense on third and seven.

- Moore tackled by Thibodeaux and Sewell for three yards. Clock winding down with close to a minute left.

- Brooks carries for 11 yards for another first down. Cal at the Oregon 27.

- Remigio gets the pitch for a yard. Noah Sewell was slow to get up but remains on the field.

- Brandon Dorlus brings the heat on Garbers, who throws incomplete, but Steve Stephens is called for a hold to give the Bears a first down.

- Mykael Wright makes a great open-field tackle on Christopher Brooks to bring up fourth and five. Offense on the field.

- Jeremiah Hunter makes a phenomenal toe-tapping catch on the sideline for a big gain of 21. 

- Jeffrey Bassa makes the stop on Damien Moore for a short gain.

- Cal takes over at the 25.

Cal drive 4:50:


- Brown evades a tackle and scores a touchdown from 11 yards out to give the Ducks the lead. PAT is GOOD. 24-17 Oregon (4:50 4Q)

- Dye loses a yard on a toss to the outside.

- Byron Cardwell picks up the first down at the 7.

- Dye carries all the way to the 26 for a chunk play of 39.

- Moore is called for a hold to move the Ducks backward. It will be first and 20 at the 35.

- Dye carries close to a first down for nine yards.

- Ducks take over at the 30.

Oregon drive 8:50:


- Garbers throws incomplete to Clark, and the Ducks get a big stop with 8:57 left in the game. 

- Kayvon Thibodeaux with a big sack to bring up third down. Cal holds again. Third and 14 for Cal. Autzen is lit up.

- Garbers scrambles, but offensive holding is called. A lot of penalties up front for the Cal offense.

- Garbers throws to Crawford for the first down.

- Adrian Jackson makes a big tackle for a loss of a yard.

Cal drive 11:23: 


- Brown throws to Jaylon Redd for a 20-yard touchdown in a tight window. PAT is GOOD. 17-17 (11:23 4Q)

- Brown carries for another first down to the 20. Ducks in need of a score down a touchdown.

- Brown keeps for another first down to the 31.

- Dye carries into Cal territory to the 42. Bass is slow to get up.

- Hutson returns the kick to the 38.

Oregon drive 13:30:


- Garbers throws to Gavin Reinwald for a four-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 17-10 Cal (13:37 4Q)

- Jordan Happle and Verone McKinley III take down Brooks for a loss of a yard.

- Tonges catches and rumbles down to the Ducks 3-yard line for a first down.

- Cal called for false start on second and eight at the Oregon 13. Cal has had a lot of offensive penalties, but Oregon's defense has not been able to get off the field and take advantage of those penalties.

END OF 3Q: 10-10


- Cal quickly moves into Oregon territory as Jeremiah Hunter catches for a big gain of 31, bouncing off of defenders.

Cal drive 4:23:


- Garbers gets the first down on a quarterback keeper. Ducks making several substitutions in the red zone.

- Moore carries on second and one but comes up short. Cal in the red zone.

- Dye picks up a short gain on third down and the Ducks punt.

- Brown throws incomplete on second down, and the boos get even louder.

- False start on Oregon.

- Brown throws complete to Dye for a first down for a third down conversion. Ducks moving into Cal territory.

- Brown evades a sack and carries for a first down to the Oregon 37. 

- Oregon calls its second timeout of the second half already. Cristobal chirps at the offensive linemen.

- Hutson returns the kick to the 26.

Oregon drive 8:29:


- Dario Longhetto's 45-yard field goal is GOOD. Game tied at 10 (8:34 2Q)

- Garbers throws incomplete to Latu to bring up fourth down.

- Brandon Dorlus gets after Garbers, who throws low and incomplete to Tonges. Third down and long coming for Cal.

- Cal called for holding as the offense is moving swiftly down the field. Ball back to the Oregon 34. 

- Garbers has plenty of time as he throws to Kekoa Crawford, who forces a Stephens missed tackle at the Oregon 24. 

- Christopher Brooks carries for nine and then another first down on a short-yardage play. Cal into Oregon territory.

- Garbers throws to Jeremiah Hunter for a gain of 26.

- Remigio returns the punt near midfield, but a penalty on the return brings the ball back to the 21.

Cal drive 11:36:


- Dye carries for a couple of small gains on first and second down, and Brown fires into the tightest possible window to Redd but it falls incomplete. Some fans chant "We Want Ty" as the Ducks punt.

- Unnecessary roughness called on Oregon. Ducks take over at the 12.

Oregon drive 13:03:


- Oregon defense locking up after that big gain as Garbers throws incomplete to the sideline. Cal will punt.

- Kayvon Thibodeaux blew up a play action pass and forced another Garbers misfire.

- Verone McKinley blitzes Garbers and forces an incomplete pass. 

- On third down and 11, Ducks give up a huge gain of 24. Couple of bad missed tackles in the secondary.

- Steve Stephens IV and Kayvon Thibodeaux combine for a tackle to bring up third down. Cal is called for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play, and the ball is moved back to the 6.

- Nikko Remigio appears to get stopped on the kickoff return but switches angles and turns upfield, but Cal is called for holding. Ball at the Cal 7.

Cal drive 14:49:



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HALFTIME: 10-7 Oregon


- Cal runs out the clock with a first down carry.

- Sewell and Nate Heaukulani bring the pressure again, Garbers' throw falls short. Third down with 6 seconds left until halftime.

- Bradyn Swinson comes flying in from the edge and bats down a Garbers throw.

Cal drive 0:17:


- Brown evades a sack but fumbles the ball as he hits the ground. Cal recovers at their own 46.

- Brown throws to Williams for a small gain to bring up third down.

- Ethan Saunders sacks Brown for a loss of four. Ducks call another timeout. Byron Cardwell was on the field on that snap.

- Oregon is flying offensively, with no huddle and quick hurry to the line. Brown throws to Hutson for a gain of 22. Oregon calls timeout with 0:35 remaining in the first half.

- Dye has been getting all the carries for the Ducks' backfield tonight as he gets another first down.

- Brown's pass to Redd is batted at the line of scrimmage and incomplete.

- Brown fakes the pitch and picks up eight, and Dye picks up the first down.

- Ducks take over at the 16. Dye carries for a short gain.

- Ducks offensive line has remained the same all night long.

Oregon drive 2:57:


- Garbers' throw to Crawford is incomplete. Ducks defense stringing together stops.

- Garbers throws to Crawford who is brought down by Jamal Hill on a big hit to bring up third down.

- Excellent play by Treven Ma'ae and Keyon Ware-Hudson for a loss.

- Nikko Remigio returns up to the 31.

Cal drive 5:12:


- Travis Dye carries for an 11-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 10-7 Oregon (5:17 2Q). Oregon goes 68 yards on six plays.

- First down for Brown on the ground.

- Brown throws down the field once again to Williams for another first down. Cameron Goode was coming in hot around the left side, but Brown got it out in time for a big gain.

- Devon Williams makes another catch for a first down at the Cal 44. Great throw by Brown.

- Mycah Pittman with a fair catch at the Oregon 33.

Oregon drive 8:09:


- Mykael Wright with a big stop of Jake Tonges on third down, and the Ducks get a big stop after the turnover. Cal will punt.

- Cal called for a delay of game as Autzen's roar reaches deafening levels. Third and 11 now.

- Beautiful tackle by Noah Sewell to stop the run on second down. Third and six for Cal.

Cal drive 10:32:


- Kris Hutson catches and makes a man miss with an epic juke, but he fumbles and Cal recovers at the Cal 11.

- Troy Franklin in at receiver.

- Brown throws to the end zone on 1st and 20 for Pittman, but the pass is batted away.

- Brown pass to Redd in the flat, but a offensive block in the back is called on Mycah Pittman. Ball back to the 27.

- Brown throws on the run for Kris Hutson's first grab for a gain of seven. Before the play, Cal is called for a defensive hold. Oregon moves to the 17.

- Travis Dye carries and stumbles to the Cal 27.

- Brown throws back-to-back snaps to Johnny Johnson III, the latter being a great over-the-shoulder grab for a potential big gain. Play is reviewed and the call stands. Ducks at the Cal 44.

Oregon drive 13:49:


- On fourth down, Garbers is sacked by Noah Sewell to get a big stop. Unsportsmanlike conduct called on Keyon Ware-Hudson after the play. Ducks take over at their own 18.

- Garbers throws incomplete on third down, but the Cal offense remains on the field at the Oregon 30. Cal takes a timeout with 13:49 left in the second quarter.

- Garbers is run out of the pocket but misfires down the field. Time for the Ducks defense to get off the field.

- Garbers keeps it for a first down at the Oregon 36. Another third down conversion for Cal.

END OF 1Q: 7-3 California


- Garbers throws wide, but DJ James makes a great play off a block to get the tackle for no gain.

- Garbers throws for a first down approaching Oregon territory once again.

- Brandon Dorlus called for offsides. Cal takes over at the 35.

Cal drive 2:29:


- Dye catches for two yards but is tackled short of the first down on fourth and six. Boos get louder.

- Brown with a quarterback run on third and six for no gain. Offense staying out there. Boos rain down from the Autzen crowd.

- Brown pitches to Dye for a big gain of 25 to the Cal 36.

- Moliki Matavao catches for seven yards.

- Brown throws down the field for a rare Devon Williams sighting for a first down at the 33.

Oregon drive 5:19:


- Jake Tonges catches a nine-yard touchdown from Garbers. PAT is GOOD. 7-3 Cal (5:23 1Q)

- Jayson Jones in at defensive line.

- Mykael Wright and Jamal Hill have been stout in the run defense. Cal has a third and short at the 11.

- Garbers throws under pressure for a first down to Kekoa Crawford for a first down. Cal in the red zone.

- Garbers throws incomplete to Trevon Clark toward the end zone. DJ James in coverage.

- Gavin Reinwald catches a pass in the flat for a first down. Verone McKinley III with the tackle. Cal in Oregon territory.

- Damien Moore evades a tackle for a nine-yard gain. Third and short for the Cal offense. Autzen is ROARING.

- Chase Garbers and Damien Moore have the offense on the brink of Oregon territory early with a couple of first downs.

- Jeffrey Bassa in at linebacker and DJ Johnson in at defensive end on the first snap of the game for the defense.

California drive 10:42:


- Camden Lewis 49-yard field goal is GOOD. 3-0 Oregon (10:42 1Q)

- Brown throws to Johnny Johnson III on a crosser, but he is brought down to bring up a 4th down.

- Brown throws to Terrance Ferguson for a first down, but the play is negated after a hold on Aumavae-Laulu. Third and long for the Ducks.

- Redd touches out of the backfield for a gain of 13.

- Anthony Brown under pressure completes a pass to Jaylon Redd for 14 yards. Penalty on Johnny Johnson III for blindside block and defensive penalty for horsecollar tackle. No play.

- Four straight touches for Dye to start the game as he catches a pass for five yards and carries for eight yards. Moorhead calling plays quickly and is feeding Dye early.

- Travis Dye carries for a gain of 23 to move into Cal territory.

- Offensive line to start: George Moore, TJ Bass, Ryan Walk, Steven Jones, Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu

- The Ducks take over at the 30 after an offsides penalty. 

Oregon drive 15:00:



- Mase Funa is in street clothes and will not play.

- No sign of Offensive Coordinator Joe Moorhead.

- Alex Forsyth is in street clothes on the field and is OUT for the second straight game.

READ MORE: Alex Forsyth Out vs. California

- Bram Walden is not dressed and Jonathan Denis is in street clothes and crutches.

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