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SI Pac-12 Week 9 Power Rankings

How does the Pac-12 picture look after eight games?

Another week of college football is in the books and the Pac-12 picture may be getting clearer.

Our group of Pac-12 publishers got together to weigh in.

Donnie Druin, All Sun Devils

1. Oregon; 2. Oregon State; 3. Utah; 4. Arizona State; 5. UCLA; 6. Washington State; 7. Stanford; 8. Washington; 9. USC; 10. Cal; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona 

Comment: If an Oregon/Oregon State meeting to decide the Pac-12 North is indeed on the line in the last week of the regular season, count me in, and throw some popcorn my way, too. Even after a loss, I'm still not able to drop Utah behind ASU quite yet, although the Sun Devils did receive help by the Utes losing and UCLA also dropping another game over the weekend.

Jake Curtis, Cal Sports Report

1. Oregon, 2. Oregon State, 3. Arizona State, 4. Utah, 5. UCLA, 6. Washington State, 7. Stanford, 8. Washington, 9. USC, 10. Cal, 11. Colorado, 12. Arizona

Comment: Ducks solidify their hold on the top spot, and Oregon State continues to be the surprise of the Pac-12, perhaps the nation. The Utah-UCLA game next weekend may break up that logjam of teams that consider themselves contenders.

Max Torres, Ducks Digest

1. Oregon; 2. Oregon State; 3. Arizona State; 4. Utah; 5. UCLA; 6. Stanford; 7. USC; 8. Cal; 9. Washington State; 10. Washington; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: Oregon earns a massive win over UCLA in what was one of their biggest remaining regular season games. If that team shows up every week I have a hard time seeing anyone in the Pac-12 beating them. Oregon State looked great in a big win over Utah and things are going from bad to worse for USC this year.

Sam Connon, All Bruins

1. Oregon; 2. Oregon State; 3. Arizona State; 4. Utah; 5. UCLA; 6. Stanford; 7. Washington; 8. USC; 9. Washington State; 10. Cal; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona


Allegiant Stadium

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Mario Cristobal Colorado 2 Cropped

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Kayvon Thibodeaux Oregon State Cropped

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Comment: The Pac-12 does not have any great teams. Honestly, it might not have any good teams either. Oregon's resume is good enough to make them a top-10 team, but they definitely don't play like one on a week-to-week basis. Lucky for them, the Beavers, Sun Devils, Utes and Bruins are all somewhere in the 30 to 40 range nationally, and the rest of the conference is just bad.

Claudette Montana-Pattison, All Trojans

1. Oregon; 2. UCLA; 3. Utah; 4. Arizona State; 5. Oregon State; 6. Stanford; 7. Washington State; 8. USC; 9. Washington; 10. Cal; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: The USC Trojans continue to struggle after taking their fourth loss of the 2021 season to longtime rival Notre Dame. Now the question remains, can the team become bowl eligible? The team will face Arizona State, UCLA and BYU later this season, which could all be tough contests. 

Dan Raley, Husky Maven

1. Oregon; 2. Oregon State; 3. Arizona State; 4. UCLA; 5. Stanford; 6. USC; 7. Utah; 8. Washington State; 9. Cal; 10. Washington; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: How has the conference fallen so far? It's got a bunch of pretenders and the nation's longest losing streak. Washington is terrible. Sorry to be so harsh, but I expected so much more out of the Pac-12 this season. Commissioner George Kliavkoff, you've got your work cut out for you.

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