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Prospect Profile: UCF Commitment, QB Dylan Rizk from Cardinal Gibbons

From watching the Cardinal Gibbons Spring Game, evaluating the quarterback play of UCF commitment Dylan Rizk.

FORT LAUDERDALE - UCF’s 2023 recruiting class numbers are at six commitments, with Dylan Rizk (pronounced like “risk”) being the quarterback that is in the fold for the Knights. After watching him play this past Saturday, here are the takeaways.

Dylan Rizk Quarterback Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Cardinal Gibbons - 2023

UCF Quarterback Commitment Dylan Rizk from Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Cardinal Gibbons


He’s gaining good weight. Rizk looks much stronger than he did from last season, and he’s also not quite done filling out. His arms, in particular, look to be more muscular. For a quarterback, actual muscle mass is not the end-all be-all, but he’s also an athlete that tucks the football and runs. Therefore, Rizk’s strength will be more of a factor than several other field generals once he steps under center at the college level.


Rizk changes direction much better than originally thought. He did show good open-field speed last season during a very long touchdown run against Miami (Fla.) Gulliver Prep, but that’s not quite the same as zigging and zagging through a defense.

During the intrasquad scrimmage and against the best Cardinal Gibbons defenders, the talent to make defenders miss in the backfield, via quick change of direction, became apparent several different times. He also ran the football well during read-option plays, as well as scrambled for yardage and also scrambled to keep the play alive before making a completion. The last trait is the one that often leads to long touchdowns at the college football level, so it’s great to see Rizk do that already during his prep days.

Being a Passer

The 6’2”, 205-pound signal caller has a unique understanding of the Cardinal Gibbons passing playbook. Further, Rizk would look for secondary receiving options when the first opportunity was not available. Many young quarterbacks panic in a similar situation. Here's a video of Rizk from John Garcia, Jr. of SI All-American:

Is he perfect? Heck no. No high school quarterback is. There were times Rizk could throw the football a little earlier, perhaps a little more accurately. That’s fine. He’s human. Here are the traits that are definitively apparent about Rizk’s abilities.

One, when Rizk wants to throw a fastball, he can. He does not unload on many passes, but the ability to throw a line drive with velocity is there.

Two, possessing an understanding of the offense, it’s obvious that his physical skills will be more likely to be maximized. Too often, scouts end up discussing a quarterback with a really good arm but the knowledge of the playbook is lacking. It’s a bummer. That’s not the issue with Rizk.

The Knights shall be better for it. Point blank, if a quarterback knows when and where to throw the football, the likelihood of completing the pass is far greater than the quarterback that orchestrates that same play on the fly. That’s Rizk.

Three, when Rizk sets his feet and follows through with his throwing motion, he’s pretty accurate. He simply needs more consistency in that category (that’s arguably the hardest physical part of being a quarterback). This is part of the natural maturation process of being a big-time college signal caller. Here's the video of Rizk from behind the quarterback:

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Fourth and lastly, his ability to run makes him a good fit for UCF or just about any other modern college football offense. He’s a pass-first signal caller. Make no mistake about that. Rizk still takes off and gains valuable yards when needed. That’s going to allow him to fit right in once he arrives in Orlando.

Rizk Changing Speeds

It was interesting to see him change velocity depending on the play call and/or the situation and/or the player that the football is going to. During screens, he would take a little something off, if needed, or he would heat it up with tight coverage trailing the receiver during a specific play like a tunnel screen. Down the field, much the same.

Rizk’s throws certainly show a variance in how rapidly the football travels after he releases it. Tighter windows, more power and speed from his arm action. When he was closer, such as a check down pass or swing pass, the football was placed in front of the receiver with touch instead of throwing a heater.

There was a play near the goal line that he indeed let it rip because there is a bang-bang play between the receiver and safety that’s about to happen. Rizk places the football where it is needed, and it allows the receiver to score. That’s excellent recognition by Rizk. It also defines him as a young signal caller.

One additional point that is just good to note. Rizk is a really likable young man. That never goes out of style either.

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