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Reggie Bush's Heisman Return Looks Discouraging

Despite Bush's plea, the odds are stacked against him.

The battle for Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy continues.

Last week the former USC running back released a statement on Twitter, requesting the reinstatement of his records and the return of his Heisman Trophy. Bush revealed that he had reached out to the NCAA and Heisman Trust for 'months' but was given no aid.

Bush's words went viral and sparked an outpour of support from former teammates and high profile celebrities. 

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The Heisman Trust released a statement shortly after placing the responsibility on the NCAA.

"The Heisman Trophy ballot used by voters has a rule governing eligibility for the award, which was in effect in 2005, which states: 

In order that there will be no misunderstanding regarding the eligibility of a candidate, the recipient of the award must be a bona fide student of an accredited college or university including the United States Academies. The recipient must be in compliance with the bylaws defining an NCAA student athlete," said Associate Director Tim Henning.

"Bush’s 2005 season records remain vacated by the NCAA and, as a result, under the rule set forth by the Heisman Trust and stated on the Heisman Ballot, he is not eligible to be awarded the 2005 Heisman Memorial Trophy. Should the NCAA reinstate Bush’s 2005 status, the Heisman Trust looks forward to welcoming him back to the Heisman family."

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Reggie Bush [USA TODAY]

Reggie Bush [USA TODAY]

While college football fans patiently await for a statement from the NCAA, Bovada Official wasted no time creating betting odds for Bush's requests.

Reporter Arash Markazi revealed that Bovada Official estimates:

The return of Reggie Bush's Heisman in 2021:

 Yes +330 

No -500 

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The reinstatement of Reggie Bush's college records by the NCAA in 2021:

Yes +300 

No -450

The overall consensus is that Bush will not get what he is asking for. However, the NCAA's new name, image and likeness laws could provide some leverage for the former All-Pro, if the NCAA decides to pull back on their previous ruling. 


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