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Fantasy Curling picks and more

"The Women Issue" ... got yours yet?

"The Women Issue" ... got yours yet?

Have you checked out The Curling News on Twitter lately? Yes? No?

Big mistake if you have not. There is so much cool curling info out there that we have either generated ourselves or passed along, often after we viewed it first... and it would be a shame if you are missing it.

In addition, our February print edition (cover at left) is making waves as it underwent a sudden and last-minute change – just 48 hours before press time, no less – into a special themed issue, which focuses on "The Women".

Sure, The Women are topical as the STOH Canadian Women's championship is set to begin in Charlottetown, PEI. But there is more... so much more. From the story of the junior legacy and Al Cameron's preview of the field we jump to columns from Team Canada's Jill Officer and Team Nova Scotia's Teri Lake... to Curling in America by Olympian Debbie McCormick, and why she is now a "curling trucker" driving across the United States... to a piece written by a delightful 10-year old female "Little Rocker"... to a new study analyzing women and curling and their communities... to a special guest column by now-retired STOH queen Robin Wilson titled Women in the Headlines.

As we have been pointing out this season, some of this content is only available to our individual subscribers, who receive a special, super-sized copy of The Curling News every month – a different edition than the one sent to curling clubs. Subscribe today to ensure that you are one of the special ones, and that you aren't missing the best curling news and information anywhere in the world.

Want more? Okay.

The STOH also kicks off nearly three months of online fun, as Goldline Fantasy Curling was just announced last night. And while there are event prizes available for the Brier and women's and men's worlds in the weeks ahead, you need to make your picks NOW to have a chance at the STOH prize and also the Grand Prize!

Check out the info below, which we received via a CurlingZone email news blast (and welcome back, fellahs!)...

Play Goldline Fantasy Curling!

Play Goldline Fantasy Curling!

Make your Fantasy Curling picks and win prizes from

Who would you pick to win a Brier final: Alberta's Kevin Martin or Ontario's Glenn Howard?

How about a women's matchup between Jennifer Jones (Team Canada) or her ex-teammate, Cathy Overton-Clapham (Team Manitoba)?

Curling fans can now enjoy online Fantasy Curling through the Goldline website, and guess the winners of some of the sport's biggest matchups through the championship months of February, March and April 2011.

Goldline Fantasy Curling allows fans to pick and choose game winners throughout the upcoming Canadian and world curling championships: the Canadian Women's in Charlottetown, PEI; the Canadian Men's in London, Ont.; The World Women's in Esbjerg, Denmark and the World Men's in Regina, Sask.

What's more, Goldline is offering prizes to the winners! Prizing can be used either in-store or for online shopping, and consists of:

GRAND PRIZE – Get outfitted by Goldline from head to toe! The person who gets the most correct game picks over all four events wins this prize package valued at CDN $550.00

CDN WOMEN'S – The top three game pick winners for next week's Scotties Tournament of Hearts will each win a CDN $75.00 Goldline Gift Card

CDN MEN'S – The top three game pick winners for the Brier will each win a CDN $75.00 Goldline Gift Card

WORLD WOMEN'S – The top three game pick winners for the women's worlds will each win a CDN $75.00 Goldline Gift Card

WORLD MEN'S – The top three game pick winners for the men's worlds will each win a CDN $75.00 Goldline Gift Card

All of this combines for a total of CDN $1,450.00 in amazing curling prizes! But fans should hurry hard, as the first stones of the Canadian women's curling championship will be thrown this coming Saturday, Feb. 19 at 1:30pm ET.

Goldline Fantasy Curling is online NOW and can be played HERE (

Goldline Fantasy Curling is open to everyone. Prize winners who are not Canadian residents will be responsible for shipping costs.