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Jennifer Jones says Yahoo!


You just had to know that defending Canadian women's curling champion Jennifer Jones almost yelled "Yahoo!" at the news.


No, not when she realized that the nightmares about Korea had stopped.

No, not when Cheryl Bernard had decided not to enter the Scotties playdowns. Jones isn't scared of Bernard, despite her big win at the Olympic Trials, although the fact a young team of unknowns is now representing Alberta probably put a smile on her face.

It was when the internet giant Yahoo! called her up and asked her to be a correspondent – a journalist! – at the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

We actually heard the official news before JJ did – she expressed surprise that we knew, and checked around to confirm the official word was out – but then we sat on it for a few days, which gave various media outlets, in Winnipeg and Toronto, the chance to splash the news. Oh well.

"I'll be blogging, and doing some video reports," Jones told us. "Now I get to cheer all of Team Canada on and experience the Olympics in a totally new light.

"I look forward to relaying my own personal experience to viewers and having them see a different side to my personality than the competitive one on the ice. I am definitely looking forward to it and always love new experiences and challenges."

We should think so. The poor woman is a lawyer, and as much as she may love her career, we full-time journalistas cannot possibly imagine the daily drudgery of drafting legal briefs, transcribing depositions, and all that exciting stuff. And we'd probably have to wear a suit and tie, too. Argh.

JJ's employers, Wellington West (where Kerry Burtnyk also works) are fully supportive of her continuing curling adventures.

"Jennifer has 'it.' She has that intangible star quality that we are thrilled that viewers, and the world at large, will be able to see up close and personal as she provides coverage at the Vancouver Games," said Charlie Spiring, the WW CEO. "We see it in her work and in her dealings with clients and colleagues. She is competitive, intelligent and strong, yet also possesses an innate charm, warmth and grace. It really is a powerful combination."

So enjoy yourself, JJ. Put aside your careful clock-watching, your complex knowledge of legalese, and feel the fresh air of creativity flow through your veins. Ahhhhh.

We think you'll love it!

Of course, Jones is only the second member of her team to join the "other side" of the media bench. As die-hard fans of The Curling News are aware, second Jill Officer has been a TCN correspondent for some six years now, and has been known to blog it up on these online pages, too.

You can follow Jennifer Jones and other Olympian correspondents – such as Elvis Stojko (Figure Skating) and Stanley Cup winner Ken Daneyko (Ice Hockey) – at the Yahoo! Olympic portal, which will feature a new Olympic mobile site, a custom-designed broadcast studio in Vancouver, and an entertainment center, FanCouver, where fans attending the games can participate in Yahoo! events and promotions.

Want more on JJ? We'll have more for you, either tonight or tomorrow morning... stay tuned...

[TCN photo montage by Anil Mungal]