Tiger Woods Is More Than Golf: Unchecked

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If and when Tiger Woods plays golf again has never mattered less. The only thing that matters is that he’s alive, is recovering, and will be able to play with his kids.

Obviously, the impact Tiger has had on golf is immeasurable. From what he did as an individual, with plenty of reasons to say he’s the GOAT, to what he did for the game as a whole.

As a black man, Tiger helped open the sport to a new audience, and I also believe his conditioning may have changed the approach some of his peers took. And when it comes to interest...no one in my lifetime comes close.

Admittedly, I was never into golf personally, and in my line of work, it wasn’t a subject of daily conversation...unless Tiger was involved. He’s been as big as any athlete since he burst onto the scene and if he was playing in a major tournament, golf was mainstream. That notoriety led to his accident being the most covered story in the world yesterday. But the only thing I thought about when I heard was, I hope he’s ok.

Losing Kobe Bryant just over a year ago was certainly a reminder of our mortality, not to mention what’s truly important because even those who may feel larger than life aren’t promised tomorrow. So, whether he ever steps foot on a course to compete again, it’s a win that Tiger is still with us today.

I certainly won’t count him out, but for now, my fist pump is for his health. Get well soon Tiger.