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Angels News: GM Perry Minasian Says Team Could Exceed Luxury Tax to Compete

The Angels are clearly all in on making the postseason next year.

This has been quite the offseason for Angels fans. Heading into free agency, no one knew if the team would be busy. With Arte Moreno getting set to sell the team, it would've made a lot of sense if they just sat back and focused their attention there. However, it's been the opposite.

Angels GM Perry Minasian has been as active as anyone. He opened free agency by signing All-Star LHP Tyler Anderson to a three-year, $39 million deal, that is now looking like by far the steal of free agency.

He then traded four pitchers for INF Gio Urshela and OF Hunter Renfroe, improving the depth of the team — something that he called his biggest goal entering the offseason.

And then, the team made a few minor league pitching moves, and added RHP Carlos Estevez to a two-year, $13.5 million deal. However, he's not done yet.

"We’re on the go. I mean, we’re trying to do more," Minasian said. "We need to improve this club to where we’re competitive. And we’re in a really difficult division, … so I’m very aware of what we’re up against. And with that being said, we really like the additions we’ve made. We feel like we’re significantly better, but there’s always room to continue to improve."

That last line is the one that should have fans excited. Minasian has already improved the team in every area they've needed it — but he still wants to do more. He wants to add a shortstop, and continue to add to the bullpen. And he said Moreno has allowed him full freedom to make moves all offseason.

"I’ve been allowed since the beginning, since the bell rang, to improve the club. And we jumped out early, did a couple things that we feel like we needed to do to plug some holes, and hopefully we can continue to do that as this offseason rolls around."

The Angels already have a franchise-record payroll, and are nearing the luxury tax threshold. On Wednesday, Minasian was asked if that would affect the rest of their offseason. Here's what he said in response to if the team would exceed that $233 million threshold.

"I think there’s a possibility," Minasian said. "There’s no mandate that we can’t obviously. It just depends on the opportunities. We want to add to this club. We want to try and continue to make this club better. If that means going over the tax, I think it’s a possibility."

It's been a dream offseason for Angels fans thus far, and it's likely only going to get better. The Angels are going to make a push to compete next season, and reach the postseason for the first time since 2014. Minasian deserves a lot of credit for the offseason he's put together.