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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Pitching Rotation on Saturday May Be Sign of Things to Come

The dodgers bullpen may be in line for huge moments in the postseason
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With the agony all season of what has been Dodgers closer Craig Kimbrel's season, the Dodgers now have some questions to answer with their closing rotation. In Saturday's 6-2 win over the Cardinals, Dave Roberts may have gave us a glimpse of what is in store.

A rotation that consisted of Chris Martin, Evan Phillips and Tommy Kahnle each handling their seventh, eighth and ninth innings respectively giving up zero hits with three strikeouts and one ball. If this kind of success is needed to perform in the postseason ahead of the Kimbrel decision, this could be what the Dodgers needed.

Roberts is prepare to do whatever is needed to win ball games (quotes via Jack Harris, The Los Angeles Times).

“I’m going to use whoever is available that night and who is the best option for that part of the game or the lineup."

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It's not typical for a team to employ their closing unit the way Roberts did, but it is something to consider with the patience for Kimbrel officially coming to an end and the health of the pitching unit still in question. October is closing in so decisions need to be made.

Fortunately for the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw, Julio Urias and Tyler Anderson are set to take the starting roles for the Dodgers early on. As the Dodgers still look to mesh their pieces together, the bottom of the pitching order should look to be solidified going into the postseason.

No reason to panic yet for the Dodgers as they remain the most feared team heading into the postseason.