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Former NBA star Shawn Bradley was living out an idyllic retirement in Utah until one day a tragic bike ride left him paralyzed when a driver hit him from behind. SI contributing writer Brian Burnsed is here to tell us how Bradley; his wife, Carrie; and their family have been forever changed by this experience.

SI Daily Cover: Life After 7'6": Shawn Bradley, Paralyzed in a Bike Crash, Knows ‘It’ll Never Be the Same’

Quarterbacks study the game of football and their competitors incessantly, so when a standout performer like Aaron Rogers develops a “foot pop” or Lamar Jackson starts bending his throws around defenders, players are bound to copy their moves. SI staff writer and mad genius Conor Orr delivers a treatise on the evolutionary development of quarterbacks with some solid blocking by world-renowned biologists from Harvard University.

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On the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death, we welcome Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski, whose new book delves into what Kobe was like as a young phenom before he became a basketball legend. Sielski joins us to tell the entertaining story behind the unlikely college that almost landed Kobe before he decided to jump straight to the NBA. 

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