Derrick Rose says he has no problem with Bulls

Derrick Rose says he has no problem with Bulls Photo:

Despite a report to the contrary that came out on Thursday, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose says he has no problems with the team.

"It's funny just hearing so many stories about what's going on, and they're coming out kind of out of nowhere," Rose told's Nick Friedell prior to Team USA's intra-squad scrimmage on Friday night.

"It's funny to hear about them, but it's nothing that's going on. Everybody that came here — [Bulls general manager] Gar [Forman], [Bulls executive vice president John ​Paxson] — came here [to Las Vegas] to show love and for someone to just write something or throw something out there that's not true, it's kind of like, 'What are you doing?' It's kind of like hatin' because so much positive [stuff] is going on and you want to write the one article and just try to stir up something. It's something we don't need, but at the same time it's the past, it's behind us and I talked to [Bulls owner] Jerry [Reinsdorf] already, so I'm not worried about it."

The 25-year-old said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times that there is lingering tension between members of his inner-circle and the team's front office after several events the last few seasons.

The rift was reportedly exacerbated by the team's belief that Rose didn't do enough to recruit free agent Carmelo Anthony to Chicago.

Both Paxson and Reinsdorf squashed those rumors.

"I know I personally talk to Derrick," Paxson said. "I don't talk to people in his so called 'camp.' I don't even know who that [is]."

Said Reinsdorf in a statement: "I am confounded by the irresponsible report in the Chicago Sun-Times suggesting there is anything approaching discord or confusion between the Bulls executive office, coaching staff, and Derrick Rose or any other Bulls player. To the contrary, I can remember no time when the organization has been any more focused, optimistic, and cohesive. ... [The report] is pure malicious fiction."

Rose has played 50 games since the start of the 2011-12 season, but he is currently fully healthy and is expected to play in the FIBA World Cup in Spain later this month.

- Chris Mascaro


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