Peyton Manning doesn't like fighting at Broncos training camp

Peyton Manning doesn't like fighting at Broncos training camp Photo:

Quarterback Peyton Manning wasn't happy with the fighting at Broncos training camp on Tuesday.

"I don't like [fights], to tell you the truth," Manning said, according to's Jeff Legwold. "You don't do it in a game. If you do it in a game, it usually costs you something important, it costs you a drive, costs you field position. ... I'm into treating practice like a game. I'm not a fan of it."

The Broncos lost by 35 points in February's Super Bowl, and some felt that one of the contributing factors in the game was the Seahawks' physicality, notably on defense.

On Tuesday, Broncos defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson and center Will Montgomery got into a scuffle before a larger scrum that centered around guard Orlando Franklin and defensive tackles Derek Wolfe and Terrance Knighton. Nearly the whole team was involved in the latter skirmish, Legwold reports.

Said Broncos coach John Fox: "It is a fine line. You want some chippiness; It's a combative game."

Added Manning: "I know all the coaches are looking for tough guys on their team, but there's a difference between being tough and not being smart. ... It's a matter of staying disciplined, staying composed in intense situations."

- Chris Mascaro


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