September 11, 2017

Though we love advanced stats at The 30 Headquarters, there’s still room to appreciate the old classics. To wit: Khris Davis is one home run away from becoming just the fifth player this decade to crank 40 homers and knock in 100 runs in two straight seasons.

But Davis is also closing in on more ignominious territory. With 19 games left in the season, he’s on pace to strike out 210 times this year, putting him on pace to finish with the sixth-most strikeouts in a season. Or at least it would, if Aaron Judge weren’t on pace to whiff 214 times in his own right. Meanwhile, with three weeks left in the season, the leading home run total in the American League is 41 by Judge ... two ahead of Davis.

Let the Dave Kingman Derby commence!

24 New York Mets (63-80, minus-78, LT: 24)

23 Atlanta Braves (64–78, minus-80, LT: 23)

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