James' four-year term as the NBPA Vice President expired this season. 

By Michael Shapiro
February 18, 2019

Warriors forward Andre Iguodala was named the First Vice President of the NBA Player's Association on Monday. He replaces LeBron James after his four-year term as VP. Iguodala will begin his term immediately and serve as next to NBPA President Chris Paul through 2023. 

The three-time champion previously worked as a Vice President on the NBPA Executive Committee. As Iguodala ascended to his role as the First Vice President on Monday, Celtics guard Jaylen Brown, Bucks guard Malcolm Brodgon and Hornets center Bismack Biyombo were named NBPA Vice Presidents. Each will serve a three-year term on the NBPA's Executive Committee. 

Paul was re-elected to a second term as the NBPA's President in 2017. Houston's point guard served in the role since 2013.

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