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What will Peyton Manning see when he looks at the Seahawks’ secondary on Sunday? A group working hard to disguise their looks and trying to befuddle the Broncos’ quarterback. Anything less than that, and Seattle will come up short of hoisting the Lombardi
For Seattle defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, the difference in becoming a difference-maker was simple: Go back to the ’70s. Though he may not flash on the stat sheet, he’s an integral part of the Seahawks’ top-ranked defense and a dominant force the 49ers will have to reckon with on Sunday
There isn’t a more uninviting place for a visiting NFL quarterback than CenturyLink Field, where Seattle’s 12th Man might as well be in the huddle screaming into a megaphone. Lean in close and listen to Bucs QB Mike Glennon explain how bad Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers will get it on Sunday