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Where to Watch McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight for Cheap

Don't want to shell out close to $100? Here are your options. 

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are set to face off on Saturday in one of the most hyped boxing matches in history. 

The fight is broadcast exclusively on Showtime Pay Per View. Regular definition will cost $89.95, while high definition will be $99.95. That's a really steep price tag, but there is some good news—you do have some cheaper options, though they will require watching outside the comfort of your home. 

Select movie theaters around the country will be showing the fight. Tickets will be cheaper but can still cost as much as $40 per person.

Additionally, bars in your area are likely to be showing the fight. They might charge a cover, but the cover will still be significantly less than what it would cost to watch the fight at home. A simple Google search of "bars showing McGregor-Mayweather fight" should show plenty of options. 

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Buffalo Wild Wings will be showing the fight at about half its locations across the country. 

Of course the cheapest way to follow along with the fight is to follow along with's live blog. That's completely free. 

Mayweather will fight McGregor on Saturday around 11 p.m. ET in Las Vegas.