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Twitter Roasts Boxing Judge Who Scored It 118–110 Canelo Alvarez Over GGG

Twitter roasted judge Adalaide Byrd's 118–110 scorecard for Canelo Alvarez.

The megafight between Gennady Golvkin and Canelo Alvarez ended in a draw after 12 rounds of fighting.

The decision was fairly controversial after the match because of Adalaide Byrd's score card where she gave it 118–110 to Alvarez. Many writers and viewers on Twitter had scored the fight in favor of Golovkin after he won several rounds consecutively. Alvarez may have won some of the earlier rounds but once Golovkin found his groove, he was locked in.

Byrd only gave Golovkin the fourth and seventh round of the fight.

After the fight, the decision was announced and the crowd booed. Alvarez said that he believed he won about seven or eight rounds. Golovkin disagreed. both fighters did not rule out the possibility of a rematch.

Twitter roasted Byrd's scorecard.

Safe to say that Byrd maybe won't be working the rematch.