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Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury Agree to Fight

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Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua is on. The two heavyweights have agreed on a two-fight deal, as confirmed by Fury himself. Of course, both have bouts to deal with before then, including Fury's rematch with Deontay Wilder. Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg discussed the parameters of the fight deal with Senior Writer Chris Mannix.

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Robin Lundberg: Tyson Fury has confirmed that to fight deal has been agreed upon between him and Anthony Joshua. For more, I'm joined by our senior writer, Chris Mannix. Chris, I know you spoke to Eddie Hearn. What are the parameters of the deal for this flight or fight? 

Chris Mannix: Yeah, I spoke to Eddie Hearn on Wednesday morning, and he told me that the financial structure of a two-fight deal between Fury and Joshua is what has been agreed to at this point. The fight is scheduled to be stage at some point in the summer of 2021. The site, the location. All those things remain to be determined. But in a negotiation like this, the financial terms are what really matter. Getting down to the nitty-gritty, agree what each guy is going to get paid. Eddie said they've agreed to that. That's a major hurdle crossed. It was one of the biggest fights in boxing. 

Boxer Anthony Joshua poses with his heavyweight championship belts after defeating Andy Ruiz in Saudi Arabia.

Robin Lundberg: To be clear, though, this is after their current fights that are already on the books, including Fury's rematch with Deontay Wilder 

Chris Mannix: f you're looking at hurdles that need to be crossed. You know, interim fights are the biggest ones. I mean, Fury, as excited as he was about facing Anthony Joshua, did note on social media that he has to get past Deontay Wilder next. Wilder Did not look great in his last fight against viri, but he possesses one of the biggest right hands in all of the boxing as a racer. And he can certainly put just the theory down in spite of all this. Also, Anthony Joshua, he could have as many as two fights before he faces Tyson Fury. He has to face Kubrat Pulev in his next fight. That is the schedule. And he could face Alexander Hoosick, who is mandatory from the WBO version of his championship. So these guys are going to have to beat some other fighters along the way. But if they do a mega-fight, a huge showdown, the biggest fight in the history of British boxing would take place in the summer of twenty twenty-one.

Robin Lundberg: Tyson Fury, he just needs to make sure while there wears that heavy costume again. Chris, appreciate your time as always. 

Chris Mannix: You've got it. 

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