Crimson Tide Roll Call: Dec. 30, 2020

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Today is … Bacon Day

Today’s Crimson Tide schedule

No games scheduled

Crimson Tide results

Men's Basketball: Alabama 82, Ole Miss 64

Bama Central Headlines …

Did you notice?

  • Former Alabama guard Kira Lewis Jr. got his first NBA basket on Tuesday night for the New Orleans Pelicans:
  • Lewis also had this nice steal with a layup:
  • Another former Alabama guard in Collin Sexton showed some stout defense for the Cleveland Cavaliers:
  • Former Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen was given some credit for his impressive season:

On this date in Crimson Tide history:

December 30, 1937: At a Rose Bowl party, screen actor Humphrey Bogart fell into a conversation with a man from Alabama. "It's a funny thing about football," said Bogie. "Most everyone can tell you the name of the coach, but no one ever knows the name of the President of a University. Now, I know all about Frank Thomas being the Alabama coach, but I couldn't tell you for the life of me who the President of the University is." The visitor from Alabama responded, "I don't suppose many people could." The famous actor then introduces himself, "By the way, I'm Humphrey Bogart." The man from Alabama replies, "I'm Richard Foster." Bogie leaves and says, "Nice to meet you Mr. Foster." Mr. Foster just happened to be Dr. Foster, President of the University of Alabama. – Bryant Museum

Dec. 30, 1986: Ray Perkins and Hugh Culverhouse reached an agreement making Perkins the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a reported $3.5 million over five years.

Crimson Tide quote of the day:

"I can honestly say that I didn't come to the University of Alabama because I thought it would be easy. No, I came because I knew it would be hard." – Tommy Wilcox

We’ll leave you with this …