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LIVE UPDATES: No. 10 Oregon vs. UCLA

Follow along for the Ducks' biggest Pac-12 test so far this season against the Bruins.

Where: Rose Bowl | Pasadena, CA

When: Saturday, October 23rd at approx. 12:35 p.m. PST


Announcers: Chris Fowler (play-by-play), Kirk Herbstreit (analyst), Holly Rowe (sideline)

Stream: FUBO TV

Listen: Oregon Sports Network from Learfield IMG College, local radio: KUJZ-FM 95.3 (Eugene), KFXX-AM 1080 (Portland), Sirius: 133 | XM: 197

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Game Notes: Oregon vs. UCLA


FINAL: Oregon 34, UCLA 31


- Garbers throws to the sideline and is intercepted by DJ James. Oregon saves the day once again.

- Garbers throws it away on first down.

- Garbers throws to Philips for a first down on fourth down. Garbers has come in and kept the offense moving.

- Garbers tries to find Dulcich under pressure and Jamal Hill knocks it away. It's fourth and eight, and the Ducks take timeout as UCLA will go for it with 1:05 left.

- Garbers throws to Kam Brown to midfield for 12 yards.

- On first and 20, Thibodeaux hits DTR as he throws, and DTR is down and holding his shoulder. Ethan Garbers comes in as DTR heads to the sideline.

- DTR throws into traffic to Dulcich and falls incomplete. UCLA is called for holding. Thibodeaux is slow to get up.

- DTR throws to Charbonnet for a first down.

- DTR scrambles for four yards.

- On fourth down, DTR throws to Kam Brown for a first down on the sideline. The play is under review. After review, the catch is confirmed at the UCLA 39.

- DTR throws to an open Dulcich, who drops a would-be first down.

- UCLA is called for a crucial false start. Third and two now becomes third and seven.

- DTR stiff arms Sewell in the backfield and picks up eight yards.

- DTR's throw to the sideline is deflected by DJ James and incomplete.

UCLA drive 3:00:


- Brown throws to Devon Williams in the end zone and is intercepted by Jay Shaw. UCLA has a chance with 3:00 left.

- Dye picks up a yard on first down, and UCLA takes timeout No. 2 with 3:07 left.

- Brown fakes the handoff and throws to Terrance Ferguson for his first catch and a first down.

- Brown throws to Williams on another quick screen, and the receiver picks up four yards. UCLA takes its first timeout of the second half with 3:57 left in regulation.

- Dye picks up the first down to the UCLA 36.

- Pittman gets a catch on a screen and runs a yard short of the first down.

- Dye carries for five yards.

- Brown takes a zone read and carries for 28 yards into UCLA territory.

Oregon drive 6:34:


- Brown squirts up the middle for a one-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 34-31 Oregon (6:34 4Q)

- Brittain Brown comes up just short of the goal line on first and goal.

- On third and goal, Thibodeaux pressures DTR, who throws incomplete, but a defensive holding is called on DJ James to give UCLA a first down at the 3.

- Manning is shaken up on the play.

- DTR pitches to Charbonnet, who is brought down by Dontae Manning for a loss of two.

- Charbonnet gets the carry inside the five and down to the Oregon 4.

- DTR throws to Charbonnet in the flat, and the running back gets inside the 10 for a first down.

- DTR is pressured by Sewell again and throws incomplete into the end zone looking for Philips again.

- DTR overthrows Philips in the end zone on a trick play that sees Charbonnet get the snap and hand off to the quarterback.

UCLA drive 9:27:


- Brown is intercepted by Jordan Genmark-Heath and is returned to the Oregon 20. Bad decision by Brown and the Bruins are in business in the red zone with a chance to cut it to a one-possession deficit.

- TJ Bass is called for a false start.

- Dye is crowded by UCLA defenders and tackled for little to no gain.

Oregon drive 10:35:


- DTR spins around Adrian Jackson for a two-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 34-24 Oregon (10:35 4Q)

- DTR tries to find Kam Brown near the end zone, but Mykael Wright is called for a pass interference in the end zone. UCLA takes it to the two.

- DTR finds Dulcich for a first down to convert on fourth down.

- Brown throws through the arms of Sewell to Dulcich, but Stephens is there for the breakup.

- DTR throws to Cota, who is brought down by DJ James after a six-yard pickup.

- DTR throws into the back of the end zone for Allen and Mykael Wright is in great position to force the incompletion.

- DTR is pressured again by Dorlus and throws off his back foot to Philips for a first down and gain of 17 on third and 12.

- Charbonnet is tackled by Aumavae and Ma'ae for a loss of two.

- Oregon brings the pressure again as Bassa pressures DTR into throwing it away.

- DTR is drilled by Adrian Jackson as he throws over the middle to Dulcich for a first down into Oregon territory.

- After an incomplete pass on first down, DTR is flushed out of the pocket by Thibodeaux and throws incomplete with Sewell in his face.

- DTR throws complete to Chase Cota for 12 yards.

UCLA drive 13:53:


- Anthony Brown runs behind DJ Johnson's lead block and breaks through for a 43-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 34-17 Oregon (13:53 4Q)

- Dye catches on a screen and runs into UCLA territory and is taken down at the 43.

- On first down, Brown takes a deep shot to Johnson in a crowded secondary, and the ball is batted and incomplete. Brown was looking for the dagger right there.

Oregon drive 14:52:


- UCLA goes for it on fourth and 18. DTR heaves it into the end zone for Philips and Mykael Wright makes a phenomenal play to bat it away. Ducks take over at their own 38.



- Kayvon Thibodeaux abuses Alec Anderson and sacks DTR once again. Fourth down for UCLA.

- Charbonnet evades a tackle but is brought down by Ma'ae for another short gain. Ducks have not let him hurt them at all today.

- Thibodeaux brings down Charbonnet for a loss of a yard.

UCLA drive 1:41:


- Kris Hutson makes a catch, but he fumbles as he is tackled, and Jay Shaw picks it up and runs it back to the Oregon 30.

- Dye spurts up the middle for seven yards.

- Franklin catches a pass in the slot and runs for a first down. Ducks offense has been close to flawless since the first quarter.

- Dye breaks his streak of four straight carries with a touchdown and picks up four yards.

- Oregon takes over at the 30.

Oregon drive 3:30:


- DTR throws incomplete to bring up fourth down and a punt.

- DTR throws to Charbonnet in the flat, and four Ducks bring him down. One of those Ducks is Mase Funa, who is down on the field with trainers looking at his right knee. Funa is helped off the field without being able to put much weight on that knee.

- UCLA is called for a false start on back-to-back snaps.

- Charbonnet can't get going as Ware-Hudson tackles him for just one yard. 

- Kyle Philips makes a catch over the middle for a first down to the 47.

- Charbonnet carries for just a yard and is tackled by Mase Funa and Sewell.

- DTR carries on fourth down and slips past Verone McKinley and dives for the first down. McKinley had him for a loss but couldn't get him down.

- Brown carries twice to get the Bruins into a third and one situation, but Thibodeaux and Jeffrey Bassa bring him down for a loss to bring up fourth down.

UCLA drive 8:52:


- Dye carries up the middle for an easy five-yard touchdown for his FOURTH score of the day. PAT is MISSED. 27-17 Oregon (8:52 3Q)

- Brown throws to the opposite side for Pittman, who makes his fourth catch of the quarter and moves the Ducks into a first and goal at the UCLA 5.

- Brown is pressured and finds Webb for a short gain to move the Ducks into the red zone.

- Oregon takes a timeout with 10:05 on the clock in the third quarter.

- Brown throws to Dye in the flat for two yards.

Oregon drive 11:06:


- Wild play as the snap is dropped by the punter and recovered by the Ducks. Dontae Manning is called for targeting and the play is under review. After review, there is no foul for targeting. Ducks take over at the UCLA 22. Manning took his helmet off and was not called for a penalty.

- Sewell bats down a throw by DTR and goes wild as the Ducks force a three-and-out and a punt.

- DTR throws incomplete to bring up third and long. Oregon fans making noise at the Rose Bowl.

- DTR somehow stays on his feet after Aumavae brings pressure but is tackled for a loss by Dorlus. Two-yard loss.

- Kickoff goes out of bounds. UCLA takes over at the 35.

UCLA drive 12:00:


- Ducks have scored a touchdown on each of their last three drives. Brown has completed each of his last six throws, including all five on this drive.

- Dye punches it in for a one-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 21-17 Oregon (12:00 3Q)

- Brown throws to Kris Hutson over the middle, and Hutson is down at the one-yard line. Brown went after Johnson's replacement at corner immediately.

- Brown finds Pittman once again down the field for a big gain of 29 yards. Targeting is called on UCLA's Cameron Johnson. Play is under review. Catch and run went to the UCLA 32, and the penalty would bring the ball to the 17. After review, Johnson is disqualified on a targeting call. Ducks have it at the 17. Total gain of 44 yards.

- Ryan Walk is called for an illegal snap.

- Brown throws outside to Pittman, who once again is immediately tackled for no gain.

- Brown throws to Devon Williams on a screen pass, who darts for 16 yards and a first down.

- Brown throws to Mycah Pittman, who is immediately wrapped up for a three-yard gain.

- Ducks begin the drive at the 25.


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Oregon drive 15:00:



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- Nicholas Barr-Mira's 36-yard field goal is GOOD. 17-14 UCLA to close out the first half.

- Kayvon Thibodeaux bulldozes into the backfield on the right side and crunches into DTR and forces a fumble. UCLA recovers at the Oregon 19. 

- Dulcich makes a catch to the 11-yard line. UCLA takes a timeout with nine seconds left before halftime. Ducks would love to hold the Bruins to three points here as they get the ball back to start the second half.

- Oregon is called for a defensive delay of game to make it fourth and one. Charbonnet dives for the first down.

- On third and six, DTR throws into the end zone for Dulcich, but Verone McKinley III makes an incredible play to knock the ball away.

- DTR darts a throw to Philips on the sideline for 11 yards.

- Kayvon Thibodeaux reads the zone read and sacks DTR. Thibodeaux's third sack of the season. Second and 17 for UCLA as the Bruins take a timeout with 38 seconds left before halftime.

- After Oregon takes another timeout, Brown throws to the middle and is caught by Kam Brown for a first down.

- Swinson gets in the grill of DTR, who throws the ball backwards and is picked up by Charbonnet, who somehow gets to the line of scrimmage after forcing a missed tackle by Jamal Hill.

- Charbonnet carries for a short gain, brought down by Thibodeaux.

- DTR throws again to Philips for a first down.

- Sewell bullets up the middle and pressures DTR, who throws to Philips for nine yards.

- DTR fakes the handoff and carries to the left for a first down.

- Allen gets the ball, slowed down by Sewell and tackled by Stephens for seven yards.

- Jaylon Redd is on the sideline working with a trainer. He was walking around by the bench.

- Charbonnet carries for no gain. Great penetration by the Ducks and Popo Aumavae up front.

- Oregon takes a timeout after the TV timeout. First timeout of the half for the Ducks.

UCLA drive 2:49:


- Second time the Ducks have had an 80-yard touchdown drive today. Ducks looking for another stop at the end of the first half to get the ball back to start the second half in a tie ballgame.

- Dye carries to the right side for a four-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. Ducks are right back in this game and have tied it. (2:49 2Q)

- Franklin catches on a screen pass and weaves into the UCLA five-yard line. Steven Jones limps to the line of scrimmage.

- UCLA jumps offsides once again as Brown looks downfield to capitalize on a free play and is intercepted. Bruins have had two interceptions wiped by offsides penalties.

- Brown throws under pressure again to an open Redd, who drops the pass. He limps off the field as it appears he turned his right ankle.

- Brown throws to the outside to Seven McGee with a man in his face, and McGee makes an acrobatic catch for another Ducks first down.

- Brown throws middle to Johnson for a first down to the UCLA 30.

- Brown overthrows Mycah Pittman on another throw downfield.

- Brown throws to the freshman Troy Franklin on the sideline for a gain of six.

- Brown pitches to Seven McGee who runs over his own blocker for a first down. Impressive run by the freshman.

- On a screen pass, Dye spins away from one defender and lowers his shoulder to pick up nine yards.

- Brown throws too far for Redd, who had a step on his man downfield. Brown has missed on a couple of downfield throws that may have been touchdowns.

- Brown throws underneath to an open Jaylon Redd for a first down.

- Looking to take advantage of the big stop on defense, the Ducks begin the drive with a carry by Seven McGee for an eight-yard pickup.

Oregon drive 8:06:


- Nicholas Barr-Mira's 35-yard field goal is MISSED. Ducks take over at the 20.

- DTR is pressured by Bradyn Swinson and throws too high for Kam Brown. Ducks get a big stop.

- Sewell gets outside and brings down Brown for a loss. Another third and long for UCLA.

- Popo Aumavae is called for a defensive holding as Brown carries for a short gain. Another first down for UCLA. Oregon is struggling to stop the run and keeps committing penalties again.

- Brown fights through a Keith Brown defense and runs to the outside for a first down.

- On third down, Kayvon Thibodeaux is called for an offsides penalty. UCLA has third and three.

- Kristian Williams brings down Brown for no gain.

- Brittain Brown carries for a short gain, brought down by Keyon Ware-Hudson. UCLA into Oregon territory now.

- DTR scrambles and turns on the jets to get the first down at the 48.

- DTR carries to the left on a designed run for a short gain. Third down coming.

- Noah Sewell bulldozes through the UCLA front and pressures DTR to throw it out of bounds.

- Charbonnet runs through multiple defenders for a first down.

- DTR throws to Philips, who is tackled by Steve Stephens for a five-yard gain.

UCLA drive 13:46:


INJURY UPDATE: Jackson Powers-Johnson Exits Game Due to Injury

- Dye carries for a one-yard touchdown as Lake lines up offsides again. PAT is GOOD. 14-7 UCLA (13:46 2Q)

- Brown throws to Johnson III and is intercepted by Quentin Lake as he steps in front of the pass. But Lake lined up offsides so the Ducks keep the ball.

- Brown pitches to Dye for a seven-yard touchdown. Play is under review. Ducks go 88 yards for a potential score. After review, the touchdown is overturned. Ducks will have it at the half-yard line for second-and-goal.

- UCLA jumps offsides, and Brown lofts it up to Devon Williams who makes an athletic grab for a gain of 32.

- Brown stutter steps and carries for a first down.



- Jaylon Redd catches for a gain of six. Ducks will be at the UCLA 45 when the second quarter begins.

- Ryan Walk moves to center and Dawson Jaramillo comes in at left guard as Brown throws low and incomplete to Spencer Webb.

- Devon Williams gets the ball on a screen and picks up a first down and a gain of 19. Jackson Powers-Johnson is down and in pain, holding his right leg. He is being carried off the field by trainers without putting any weight on his leg.

- The Ducks don't take a timeout to get another look at it, and Cardwell is thumped by Mitchell Agude to bring up third and short.

- Byron Cardwell is in at running back, as Brown throws to Moliki Matavao for first down yard, but the ball is ripped out by Caleb Johnson and recovered by Oregon short of the first down.

- Dye pushes through for a first down. Big third-down conversion for the Ducks.

- Brown throws to the outside for Williams, who gets close to a first down.

- On the first play of the drive, Dye carries for a loss of a yard. UCLA has all the momentum right now.

- Alex Forsyth is OUT. He is on the sideline in street clothes.

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- Bryan Addison is called for an illegal blindside block as the kickoff goes into the end zone. Ducks take over at the 12.

Oregon drive 4:08:


- Oregon could not have gotten off to a worse start on defense, giving up 110 yards of offense in the first 11 minutes. The blocked punt gave the Bruins a short field, and the Ducks can't get a stop. UCLA has converted on all three of its third downs so far. 

- DTR throws to Allen for a five-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 14-0 UCLA (4:08 1Q)

- Keegan Jones jukes Kayvon Thibodeaux in coverage and catches a pass and runs for 19 yards. First and goal.

- Kazmeir Allen carries for a gain of six.

- DTR has Dulcich wide open striding toward the end zone, but he misses him. Big sigh of relief for Oregon.

UCLA drive 5:07:


- Tom Snee's punt is blocked by Martell Irby, and UCLA recovers at the Oregon 30. Ducks off to a really bad start once again.

- Brown evades a sack and heaves it down the field for Troy Franklin, but the pass falls incomplete. Brown has thrown the ball down the field more often on this drive, albeit due to long distance situations.

- Brown throws down the field toward the first-down marker toward Williams, but he airmails it. Third and long coming.

- Devon Williams called for a false start. Ducks have second down and 20.

- Ale Kaho brings down Brown, blowing up the block by Dye to get to the quarterback for a five-yard sack.

Oregon drive 6:30:


- Brandon Dorlus pressures DTR, who throws a wobbly pass that falls into the arms of DJ James for the interception. Ducks take over at the UCLA 48.

UCLA drive 6:36:


- On fourth down and two in UCLA territory, Brown pitches back to Dye, who comes up a yard short. UCLA takes over on downs at the 33.

- On third down, Brown carries but is short by two yards.

- Brown throws to the opposite side to Johnson for a gain of seven. Polar opposite playcalling to start the game from the Cal game last week.

- Anthony Brown's first throw is to the sideline for Johnny Johnson III, who spins for a first down and a gain of 25.

- Jackson Powers-Johnson is in at center, while Ryan Walk is in at right guard.

- Mykael Wright runs the kickoff back to the 23.

Oregon drive 9:38:


- Brittain Brown breaks through the hole for a first down. Oregon had two many men on the field as UCLA hurries to run another play. Brown carries into the end zone for a one-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 7-0 UCLA (9:45 1Q)

- DTR fakes the handoff and throws to Charbonnet, who bobbles the ball and picks up the first down. Bruins in the red zone.

- After a short gain by Charbonnet on the ground, DTR carries and is tackled by DJ James and Treven Ma'ae. Third down coming up.

- DTR is pressured by Noah Sewell, but carries inside the 30 for another first down.

- DTR carries on a zone read and runs past Steve Stephens IV for the first down. Bruins in Oregon territory.

- Oregon native Chase Cota gets a catch but comes up just short, and Charbonnet punches inside for the first down at midfield.

- DTR throws over the middle to Greg Dulcich, who is immediately thumped by Noah Sewell.

- Ducks defensive line shifts and gets the UCLA right guard to jump. False start and Bruins move back.

- Zach Charbonnet carries for a first down and a gain of six.

- Dorian Thompson-Robinson throws high to Kyle Philips who brings it in for a gain of seven.

UCLA drive 15:00:



- Oregon wins the toss and defers to the second half. UCLA will get the ball to start.

- Alex Forsyth went through warmups with the team after missing each of the past two games.

- Mase Funa is dressed in full pads and is going through warmups.

- Jeff Bassa is warming up with the starters at linebacker.

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