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Jaden Bradley is a five-star point guard and consensus top 10 prospect in the 2022 class, who combines a high basketball IQ with elite scoring and playmaking ability. This season, Bradley is averaging 23 points, eight assists and eight rebounds a game for Cannon School (Concord, N.C.). That production has everyone from North Carolina to Kentucky to Auburn to Wake Forest, among many others, all giving chase. Now, Bradley has agreed to give SI All-American exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his road back to recovery to intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Hey, I’m Jaden Bradley and I’m hanging out with Sports Illustrated kicking off my new blog letting you guys see what life is like for me on and off the court.

I’m just coming off of a visit to North Carolina; I went there for the game against Duke and man!

That was a crazy game!

The atmosphere was even better than I expected it to be.

Carolina was up big and it looked like they were gonna win and you couldn’t even hear in the building. The fans were going crazy and the players were hype! But when Wendell (Moore) hit that buzzer beater it was quiet like there was no one in the gym.

I feel like everyone was in shock. It was just a classic game.

After the game I did get a chance to meet with Coach (Roy) Williams. I thought it would be awkward because of the loss, but he was OK. He talked about the game a little bit; he just wants the team to get healthy.

He told me that he loved my game and saw me at USA Basketball. He said he wants to get out and watch me more. It was great getting a chance to meet him and talk with him.

I recently went on a visit to Auburn too and that was a great atmosphere. I was there for the win over Kentucky and College Gameday was there so you could barely hear because the students were so loud.

I could only imagine what the players were going through trying to call plays!

I talked to Coach (Bruce) Pearl after the game and he just told me what it would be like if I were to come there. He said he’s focused on his team right now, but he told me to keep working hard and that he really wanted me there.

It’s really exciting to know that all of these coaches want me to come to their school. It’s not something that I would say I’m used to just yet, but it really just motivates me to get better.

I’m planning to take three other unofficials coming up to Duke, Louisville and Florida State.

Coach (Che) Roth has a policy to try and get out to see the schools that come to see me at school so that’s what we’ve been doing.

The season is going great right now, we’re 10-0 in the conference and we’ve already won our first conference title in the school’s history so I’m really excited about that!

I think we’re playing pretty well right now, but we need to improve on communicating better and not having lapses in games. Sometimes we let teams get back into games when we should just keep our foot on the pedal.

Individually, I feel pretty good about how I’m playing, but I’m always pushing myself to do more. I just want to make the game simpler for everyone else. If I do that then I’m doing my job. I’m working on being a better leader every day so I’m constantly talking more and more on the court.

I’m averaging around 23 points, eight assists and eight rebounds a game this season.

I try and put the same effort into the classroom and right now I’ve got all A’s and B’s. I’m going for all A’s though!

My favorite subject right now would have to be Science and History.

We’re studying chemistry and working on different equations; it’s a little confusing but once you get it it’s interesting.

Have you guys seen “You” on Netflix? That’s what I’m watching right now and I would give that a thumbs up.

I heard everybody talking about it, so I had to check it out and it lived up to the hype!

Musically, I listen to a lot of Meek Mill; I think he’s the best rapper out. I listen to a lot of NBA YoungBoy before games too.

If I had to tell you one thing that people would be shocked to know about me it’s that I play the saxophone in the band. I usually have a solo most of the time and it’s cool for the most part.

Jaden Bradley doubles as a saxophone player.

Jaden Bradley doubles as a saxophone player.

My parents force me to play, but I might as well enjoy it so I’m getting in to it.

OK, everybody I really appreciate you tuning in to my first Sports Illustrated blog, but I have to get ready to go hit the books.

Check back soon because I’ll have another update soon.

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