It’s been eight months since Yohan Traore left France for Prolific Prep (Napa, Calif.) to get more exposure on the hardwood, but over a four-day span at the adidas 3SSB in Hoover, Ala., Traore seized the moment and had his most productive run, arguably finishing the talent-ladened event as the most impressive prospect.

“I feel like my game has grown so much already,” Traore said. “Just the physical part of it mostly. The game over here is very physical, and I’ve gotten a lot stronger. My confidence is really high now too.”

Traore dominated the competition all weekend, averaging 25 points and 14 rebounds a game to lead Dream Vision (Nev.).

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The 6-foot-10 forward showed the full arsenal of his offensive repertoire, scoring in every way imaginable while owning rebounds and changing shots on the defensive end. Traore was extremely agile and mobile and was masterful at switching on the perimeter and recovering. His exceptional footwork made life difficult for opposing bigs, out-maneuvering them to consistently set himself up for high percentage shots.

Traore also showed an efficient jump shot and shot 80% from the free-throw line.

That production has led to offers from Tennessee, Michigan, UCLA, Ohio State, TCU, Gonzaga, Louisville, USC, Arkansas and Texas, among others.

Traore has already taken visits to TCU and Texas.

“I really like both of the coaching staff and facilities at both schools,” Traore said. “The visits are a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to going on more. I’m open to everyone at this point. I want to be at the best school for me, so I am looking everywhere.

“I want to cut my list down by September. I just want to be at a school where I have a great relationship with the coaching staff, and I want to be somewhere that will let me play both the stretch four as well as post up. I just want to be somewhere that gets my game and puts me in position to be my best.”

Dream Vision coach Clayton Williams knew it was only a matter of time for Traore’s star to rise, confidently referring to him as “the best big in the country.”

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“He’s really grown a lot since being over here from strength to maturity to footwork to everything, honestly,” Williams said. “I really feel like he’s the best big in the country because there’s nothing he can’t do defensively and offensively. He’s showing that consistently now.”

Traore said the transition from the French style to the American style was twofold.

“Coming over from France, it’s a whole new world,” Traore said. “It’s been tougher mentally and physically. Basketball is taken more seriously here for sure, and the game is a lot faster. But I’m catching on and I really think my skills work better in this system. I’m figuring it out more and more. I feel like there’s so much more I can show.”