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Elite 11: SI All-American's Composite Ranking of the 20 QBs

Sports Illustrated All-American has finalized its rankings from the 2021 Elite 11 Finals.

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. -- There is a winner in the clubhouse.

The 2021 Elite 11 Finals have come to their conclusion following four days of competition, each quarterback tallying well over 100 throws a day and showing onlookers what they'll bring to their college program. Household names proved why they belong in the discussion, while underrated prep passers made a name for themselves as well.

After evaluating nearly every rep, from every quarterback, across all three days of the Elite 11 workouts and 7-on-7 games to cap the event off, Sports Illustrated All-American has compiled its own composite rankings from the event. Our rankings are based solely on performances from the camp.

SI All-American's Final Elite 11 Composite Rankings

1. Cade Klubnik (Clemson commit)

Day one ranking: 3

Day two ranking: 1

Day three ranking: 2

Whether you rely on data or spoken word around the camp, the winner of the 2021 Elite 11 Finals emerged as an obvious one for SI All-American throughout the week: Clemson commit Cade Klubnik.

Owning a top-three ranking for his performance each day, Klubnik demonstrated consistent poise throughout the week, refusing to allow the pressure of the event to get to his head. His accuracy was immaculate from start to finish, placing passes perfectly to all three levels of the field, sideline to sideline. Klubnik's velocity didn't falter as his throws added up, and his touch was elite on deep shots.

Although he isn't a destructive rusher, Klubnik made a strong impression throwing on the run in camp as well. Clemson will benefit from maintaining a similar offensive system with Klubnik as it put on the field with Trevor Lawrence, utilizing his feet when necessary but relying on his ability to place a football anywhere on the gridiron.

2. Maalik Murphy (Texas)

Day one ranking: 2

Day two ranking: 11

Day three ranking: 1

The film evaluation for Maalik Murphy as a college prospect may seem shaky, as he lacks production and substantial game experience. But if his performance at the Elite 11 Finals suggested anything, his game is littered with untapped potential.

The most impressive physical specimen on site, Murphy displayed one of the strongest arms on the group and surprisingly solid accuracy to pair over the week, also gelling with his receivers and making well-timed tosses. Touch and anticipation for throwing windows should continue to progress as Murphy develops in Steve Sarkisian's offense at Texas, but the Longhorns have everything to work with when it comes to the Gardena (Calif.) Serra product.

3. Nick Evers (Florida)

Day one ranking: 4

Day two ranking: 8

Day three ranking: 3

Among the top five prospects in our final rankings, Florida commit Nick Evers may have been the most underrated entering Elite 11. He exited the week as one of the consensus favorites among the SI All-American staff. 

Generating power from a quick release, on the move and in the pocket, came with extreme ease for Evers. His showing in the Accuracy Gauntlet was spectacularly streaky as Evers nailed eight on-target throws in a row - six of which passed through the bullseye and were deemed perfect - in the midst of the challenge.

What stood out to us about Evers the most was his ability to quickly pick up on new footwork concepts. Hailing from a spread option-heavy offense that operates out of the gun, under center and play-action roll-out dropbacks are a bit foreign to Evers. Despite shaky footwork in some of those specific drills, Evers maintained his impressive velocity and accuracy on the majority of his reps. 

4. Devin Brown (USC)

Day one ranking: 5

Day two ranking: 4

Day three ranking: 6

The marathon that is the Elite 11 week is partially about flash, additionally about survival and always about consistency. With the latter, only MVP Cade Klubnik found his way towards the top in stronger fashion — regardless of workout. Brown finished within the top six of the rankings each day, hitting second-level targets with ease on Day 1, getting about as hot as any Pro Day passer the next evening and wrapping up with strong stamina during the accuracy gauntlet. 

The USC verbal commitment displayed a competitiveness regardless of setting, with balance and drive on the stronger side of the scale. Brown also showed strong feel for the flight of the football relative to the assignment, taking some off of the football when necessary, executing catchable passes well more than not. 

5. Ty Simpson (Alabama)

Day one ranking: 1

Day two ranking: 10

Day three ranking: 10

The Alabama commitment was shot out of a cannon all week long, from a first impression standpoint as well as from an execution and tempo standpoint. There wasn’t seemingly a miss on the initial day of competition, also the day with arguably the most throws, something notable when it comes to Simpson’s fitness and overall athleticism. But there was a steadiness from the Tennessean all week long, from accuracy, mechanics and velocity perspectives. 

Simpson won the training camp performance, in a unanimous decision from the SIAA staff on-site, thanks to steady accuracy even as the long evening wore on (capping the day most of the competitors arrived, no less). During the Pro Day, he got hot on many of the throws demanding mobility as well as overall difficulty, like the rail shot. The accuracy gauntlet helped him display more fitness and pace as he proved a top 10 performer despite throwing five more passes than any other 

6. Quinn Ewers (Ohio State)

Day one ranking: 10

Day two ranking: 6

Day three ranking: 7

7. Conner Weigman (Texas A&M)

Day one ranking: 17

Day two ranking: 3

Day three ranking: 5

8. Katin Houser (Michigan State)

Day one ranking: 16

Day two ranking: 2

Day three ranking: 8

9. Zach Pyron (Baylor)

Day one ranking: 14

Day two ranking: 6

Day three ranking: 9

10. AJ Duffy (Florida State)

Day one ranking: 8

Day two ranking: 12

Day three ranking: 11

11. Luther Richesson (uncommitted)

Day one ranking: 15

Day two ranking: 5

Day three ranking: 12

12. Walker Howard (LSU)

Day one ranking: 12

Day two ranking: 19

Day three ranking: 4

13. Holden Geriner (Auburn)

Day one ranking: 6

Day two ranking: 12

Day three ranking: 19

14. AJ Swann (Maryland)

Day one ranking: 7

Day two ranking: 16

Day three ranking: 16

15. Drew Allar (Penn State)

Day one ranking: 13

Day two ranking: 9

Day three ranking: 18

16. Tayven Jackson (Tennessee)

Day one ranking: 9

Day two ranking: 17

Day three ranking: 17

17. Gavin Wimsatt (Rutgers)

Day one ranking: 11

Day two ranking: 20

Day three ranking: 13

18. Tevin Carter (uncommitted)

Day one ranking: 19

Day two ranking: 12

Day three ranking: 14

19. Nate Johnson (Utah)

Day one ranking: 20

Day two ranking: 15

Day three ranking: 15

20. Jacurri Brown (Miami)

Day one ranking: 18

Day two ranking: 18

Day three ranking: 20