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SI All-American Candidate Tristan Leigh Highlights and Evaluation

Tristan Leigh is an offensive tackle prospect from Robinson Secondary High School in Fairfax, Va. Leigh is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Tristan Leigh
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-5, 280 pounds
Position: Offensive Tackle
School: Fairfax (Va.) Robinson Secondary
Schools of Interest: Alabama, Penn State, Virginia Tech, LSU and Clemson, among others.
Projected Position: While Leigh currently plays left tackle and very well may remain there in college, he can also kick inside to guard.

Frame: Tall frame with long arms and fairly wide shoulders. Somewhat narrow torso with round-shaped midsection through hips. 

Athleticism: Easy movement out of very good snap quickness to engage targets in a hurry. Very good drive-blocker who plays stout at the point of attack with excellent grab strength and runs feet to finish. Works well on deuce blocks and capable of pinning linebackers on the second level. Has solid knee bend in pass-protection and flashes both off-setting ability on the edge and recovery quickness inside. 

Instincts: Good initial footwork in the run game. Excellent target location and vision to the second level to produce versus linebackers. Uses a strong punch with shock value and strength to sustain and steer. Not much pass-protection experience, but uses a 45-degree set with balanced footwork and decent patience to punch on the edge. 

Polish: Better run-blocker at this point who must acquire more reps and experience in pass-protection. Will need to learn to mix his sets, punch timing, and improve ankle flexibility on a consistent basis. The main contributions and value to an offensive front will come as a run-blocker early in his collegiate career. 

Bottom Line: Leigh is an excellent run-blocking left tackle who can drive block with a man on his head, pin ‘backers on the second level, and reach-block on the edges. He works with good athleticism and is tough at the point of attack. He isn’t ready to dance versus college pass-rushers yet, but has traits to be developed as a pass-protector. Leigh fits best in an offense that mixes zone and man blocking concepts with a short passing game.