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REACTION: Kam Pringle Gives South Carolina A Stalwart In Trenches

Newly minted commit Kam Pringle gives Shane Beamer and South Carolina's football program a future staple at left tackle.
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On Sunday afternoon, the Gamecocks continued their strategy of building their roster from the inside out by adding the top offensive tackle in the country for the 2024 recruiting cycle in Kam Pringle.

It was a recruitment that felt much longer than it ended up being. Pringle got his first FBS offer back in the middle of his freshman season at Woodland High School, indicating his talent. So, what are the Gamecocks getting with their highest-rated offensive line commit in the modern recruiting era?

A Plus Athlete

Offensive linemen who measure in at 6'7 and 330 plus pounds are coveted purely based on their size, but those that offer great vertical and lateral motor skills, like Kam Pringle, only come around once every few cycles. Kam has an extremely quick release of the line of scrimmage and moves upfield at a remarkably quick pace despite the frame he carries. His superb mobility also transfers over to the horizontal aspect of the field, where he displays great fluidity when opening his hips, allowing him to get to his assignment defender quicker than most linemen his size.

An Emotional Switch

When interacting with the media or people he might not know quite well, Kam comes off as reserved and soft-spoken, but when he steps in between the white lines, Pringle showcases a much different side to him. With his high motor and consistent foot movement, Kam plays through the whistle on almost every play, punishing unaware defenders and, to fit in with the offensive line stereotype, loves to doll out pancake blocks.

An Absolute Road Grader

Pringle's combined god-gifted frame, athleticism, and nasty mean streak make him a massive threat to defenses in the running game. He gives his teammates a huge boost on combo blocks, can get to the second level relatively quickly, and can perform pull blocks or kick-out blocks to eliminate unblocked defenders.

While Pringle will need some work in terms of his pass blocking at the next level, he has the potential to become a lockdown offensive tackle on the Gamecocks' offensive line and can help them reach heights the program has rarely seen in its history.

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