Brian Burke loves curling

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So, the National Post is reporting that Yank hockey guy Brian Burke, who is General Manager of both the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and the U.S. Olympic team, had something to say about curling the other day.


“They’ve got curling on TSN and I’m just gripped by it,” said Burke, which according to the writer said this in a “tone that suggested he was not all that engrossed by the sweepers and their rocks.”


Burke is a Minnesota boy, so we figure the Post blogger simply misread Burke’s tone. The guy wouldn’t be so dumb as to offend his fellow Minnesotans on the U.S. Olympic curling teams, right?

Plus, our ace Photo Editor Anil Mungal found this photo of Burke, and here it is, with no Photoshop work done to it whatsoever.

See? BB loves curling!

Postscript: as we’ve pointed out before, Canadian Olympic curling skip Kevin Martin is a bit of a hockey player (photo below left) and trained with the Guelph Storm back in December– even scoring a goal.

Does this confirm that curlers can play hockey? And does this popular story (and video) link confirm that hockey players can’t curl?

Just asking ...

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