Cmon Jen! Pick some hotties!

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by Margo Weber


I think it’s safe to say that I have Olympic fever. Every morning I look at the Olympic schedule and plan my day accordingly. I’ve been keeping up on the web too, reading quite a few websites to make me feel like I’m ‘in the know’ until I get to Vancouver next week.

Jennifer Jones is in Van blogging for Yahoo, so here’s her link if you’re interested. She’s professional, but isn’t afraid to call ’em as she see’s ’em. If you’re curling bad, she will slyly out you. If you’re behaving badly, she will call you out. I have, however, been assured she will not be picking an all-star hottie team, like I have in the past (remember this?)

C’mon Jen!

I also subscribe to some Twitter feeds, such as The Curling News (of course) and Jill Officer, Jen’s teammate. I don’t tweet, but I do like seeing updates. Jill is pretty funny, and I think I’ve found my match in Olympic obsession. Example tweet:

Was it really necessary for the camera to follow the US skier as she walked over to the porta potty and watched her go in?

I’m enjoying quite a few events. I really enjoyed watching the moguls and I feel I’ve learned a lot about sports I never thought much about before. The medal count is interesting to me: we (Canadians) should do really well partly because of our Own The Podium program. We’ll see how our medals stack up at the end of next week.

I think WINNING the Olympics is a seriously tall order, although that didn’t stop officials from claiming it at the beginning of last week. Just a note, Canada would need about 30+ medals for this to be possible. But a second place finish in the medal count is definitely within reach.

I see a big medal showing next week and I’ve been referring to this fellow’s blog who predicted where we are getting our medals IF Canada indeed reaches 30.

It’s a loose prediction, but the Olympics are such a crapshoot anything can really happen. His predictions are hardly educated, but fun nonetheless. My personal thoughts are that the Canadians are playing with heart, are certainly entertaining, and the athletes have won me over regardless of how we do in the end. I would, however, like to see a little more singing of our national anthem on the podium. Remember Clara Hughes in ’06? That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Regardless, this guy predicts a gold sweep in both the hockey and the curling. Yowza, wouldn’t that be something.

Speaking of curling. Both our Canadian teams are doing great. Kevin Martin’s team is curling lights out: some of their shots are amazing to begin with, then add that crowd roar and it’s so fun to watch. The closer games are a little more fun for me.

Cheryl Bernard’s team is playing well too, but they can play better. The good news for them is that the other teams are a little off as well. There certainly has been some very strange strategy from their international competitors.

Cheryl is making quite a name for herself. Yesterday on CTV’s Olympic website, she was the second most searched item, right behind American figure skater Johnny Weir. Today, the papers and websites are full of stories on how sexy all these curling athletes are.

Speaking of Weir, did anyone see that rose crown last night after his men’s free skate? Wowsers...

The message boards are lighting up with accolades for my friend Susan O’Connor, third for Team Canada. Our group of girlfriends will all be heading out to Vancouver to cheer her and the girls on. We’re so excited. When I have been glued to my TV, the other girls have been obsessed watching from their work desks with the CTV live stream on the internet. The feed is really good quality, about 45 seconds behind. Everyone’s bosses will just simply have to understand. Haha!

Speaking of message boards, some are suggesting a new way of determining the U.S. curling teams – an all-star selection team, similar to the British model. I don’t see any U.S. medals this time around... otherwise, the Americans are doing incredibly well, with some 18 medals.

I head out on Thursday for a whirlwind trip to see curling’s medal games. When I first booked this trip, I was told it was quite risky. What if Team Canada isn’t in one of these games? My response was... they will be. And know what, if they aren’t... they have bigger problems than me.

Go Canada Go!!

[Photo of Cheryl Bernard (left) and Susan O'Connor by Anil Mungal. Copyright The Curling News, 2010. Click to increase size]