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When Rex Chapman discovers the video, legend tells us, it’s time to find out which fam did this. 

The video in question may be the best way to salvage an ending to this 2020 year: Here are marmots, and they’re going curling.

There are always odd curling videos/GIFs with weird production value, specifically the “cat curling” GIF that’s at least 10 years old by now. This is, of course, because people love curling more than they let on. But this one’s production value was ... how do we say, better than expected.

(Before I move forward–and this is very important–I've seen people erroneously refer to them as woodchucks. Or groundhogs. This is a North American-based disinformation campaign. They are marmots. They are curling. And they love it.)

That’s because this wasn’t a curling-centric production. The video is a station ID, one in a series, for the public TV station France 3, a regional network of stations owned by France TV, essentially the French analogue to PBS or CBC. Here’s a medley of sports-themed ones and I’m sorry to say this, even though the shot rock marmot’s little celebration gets me every time, but the curling one pales in comparison to the biathlon one. 

And there may be other videos not in this clip, but it does seem that curling is the only one that marmots do relatively well. (Hit and rolls are hard even for human curlers.) And I can’t imagine how often the fur causes rocks to pick.

The series is called “Les Marmottes” and a couple years ago they went the movie route. I’m sure the subsection of Internet obsessed with Pulp Fiction went “Hey look they did a Pulp Fiction with marmots.” Or perhaps “they did Pulp Fiction with badgers.”