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Curling Legends Podcast: Episode 70 – Bert Gretzinger

Carspiels, calcuttas and a lesson in gamesmanship from Bernie Sparkes. Yes, Canadian and world champion Bert Gretzinger has a few stories to tell.

Curling’s “Gretz” won his first purple heart as third for Bernie Sparkes in 1976. After moving to Kelowna, he won the 1989 B.C. title with Rick Folk. They lost to the Ryan Express in the Brier final and when Pat Ryan moved to Kelowna, Gretzinger dropped to second to form a new super-team. 

With Gerry Richard at lead, their squad of skips would compete in three straight Briers, including back-to-back finals against Russ Howard in 1993 and ’94. Bert would finally skip a team to a Brier in 1999 and fall one game short of a chance at the Olympics in 2001.


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