The Stars center has exploded offensively since being traded to Dallas. This season he's sitting at 4th in total points in the entire league, recording a new career high 37 goals and 84 points in 80 games.
Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images/Tyler Seguin
By Sarah Toland
May 15, 2014

To thousands of Dallas fans, Stars center Tyler Seguin is a hot addition to home ice after finishing his first season in Texas fourth for points and fifth for goals in the NHL. But to thousands of teenage girls, many of them self-declared “Seguinistas,” the 23-year-old former Bruins forward is, well, just plain hot, with a body worth thronging stadiums for, stalking online, and tweeting countless prom invites and marriage proposals to. “I’ve heard a ton of inappropriate stuff from women—a ton—ranging from young women to moms,” says Seguin.

While the right-handed center hasn’t done much to discourage his reputation as a heartthrob (rumor has it Boston traded Seguin to Dallas for excessive partying, much of which he seems to have done shirtless), the Canadian-born player says that when he’s on the ice he doesn’t hear all the female fans screaming. “I love hockey, and I just want to play the game. The other stuff that comes with it—well, it is what it is.” Indeed. But that doesn’t mean that scores of Seguinistas, as well as the defensemen whom Seguin skated circles around, don’t want to know how the forward stays so lithe on ice. His answer is below.   

22 years old 6-foot-1 195 lbs.

Body fat:  3 percent

Nickname: Seggy

Training grounds: Toronto, Ontario, and Dallas, Texas

Hours per day spent training: Up to four. “Once the summer hits, I train with [strength and conditioning coach] Matt Nichol in Toronto. Every day is different. We have track days, yoga days, Pilates days. Sometimes we do beach volleyball or Frisbee football. It’s fun.”

Days per week spent training. Six.

Hours per week in the weight room: 10 in the off-season. “My sport is more about being cut, defined, and quick. I’m not in there bench-pressing 250 pounds—I’m doing high reps to stay defined. I’m more of skill player, not a power forward.

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Go-to workout: Core. “Core workouts make me feel good. I do a lot of planks or squats on a half-bubble ball. I have this really tough one with a broom handle, and I twist down with it. We have a name for it … but it’s not fit to share on SI [laughs].”

Secret workout: Stretching. “I’m really into Pilates and yoga in the summer. I think it’s helped with my flexibility and helped me not to get injured. Yoga, Pilates, and stretching go a long way for guys. And there are a ton of guys doing it right now—it’s really picked up.”

Biggest physical challenge: Burly defensemen. “Night after night I go up against big defensemen who are six-four, six-five and like 220 pounds. I get hit hard, cross-checked. There’s a mental aspect knowing I have to go up against the team’s best defensemen. It’s a physical challenge knowing that, too, because they’re big—really big. You always have bumps and bruises after a game.”

Drafted in 2010 by the Boston Bruins, center Tyler Seguin has a meticulous workout that produces results you can see in his psychical play on the ice for his current team, the Dallas Stars.
Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images

Best recovery tip: Rest.

Calories consumed per day: No idea. “I eat a lot.”

Favorite pre-workout meal: Shake made with Biofuel protein powder.

Favorite pre-game meal: Salmon with sweet potatoes, penne pasta with tomato sauce and chicken, garlic bread, and orange juice. “You eat that at 2:30 [in the afternoon] and don’t play until seven at night, and you don’t want to be too heavy. But I don’t eat it all.”

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Favorite post-workout meal: Whatever he wants. “Sometimes I’ll go home and throw the barbecue on and we’ll grill some steaks and have some burger without the buns. I eat a lot of organic foods and oatmeal. If I’m hungry, I’ll stop at a restaurant and order what I want. But I won’t eat fast food.”

Celebration meal: Pizza. “I’ll order one from Domino’s with thin crust and pepperoni. But I don’t eat a lot of junk food, and I don’t drink a lot of soda.”

Dietary vice: Chocolate-chip cookies. “I’ll pour some [soy] milk [Seguin doesn’t drink cow’s milk] and dip them in the milk while I’m watching a movie. But I don’t go crazy—maybe I’ll have like four.”

Alcohol of choice: Beer. “I’ll have one every now and then.” We’ll overlook those photos of Seguin chugging out of a bottle of Grey Goose that were posted on Tumblr last spring.

On his three seasons with the Bruins: “Boston’s a great city. I enjoyed my teammates and my time there. Boston will always have a place in my heart.”

On what he thinks about Dallas: “I didn’t know what to expect coming from a huge hockey market, but the city’s been amazing. The fans support us all season. The food’s amazing, the weather is amazing, everyone is good looking—the men and the  women.” Guess Seguin fits right in. 

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