By Jamie Lisanti
June 27, 2014

Red Bull’s latest supercross concept is combining the classic style of the motorcross arcade game, Exictebike, and its new digital form, Mad Skills MX, into the first-ever Straight Rhythm event.

The new format will feature 32 of the world’s top riders racing two at a time, not on the usual serpentine track but on a straight, half-mile series of doubles, triples, whoops, table tops and step downs. The “unwound” version forces riders to focus precise distance, control and on the terrain directly in front of them, all while trying to beat their competitor for the fastest time to make it to the next round. The best of three bracket format will eventually lead to the two fastest riders facing each other head-to-head for the event title.

Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin take part in a testing session on the Red Bull Straight Rhythm course at Thing Ranch in Alpine, Calif., October 10, 2013.
Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

The Red Bull Straight Rhythm series developed from a trial run of the event last year, which featured riders James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Malcolm Stewart, Cole Seely, Justin Bogle and Jesse Nelson testing the course in a non-competitive format. This year’s inaugural event will be held on October 4, 2014, at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, California. It will air on NBC in 2014 as part of the Red Bull Signature Series, and tickets will be available for purchase starting in July. 


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