By Jamie Lisanti
October 29, 2014

November 2 will mark the 44th running of the New York City Marathon. But whether you’re participating in the 26.2-mile, five-borough race on Sunday or in any other upcoming marathon this fall, the angst and uneasiness of the unknown on race day is ever-present. All runners – from the average first-timer to the seasoned professional – need ways to calm their nerves and boost their confidence before the running starts. You’ve put in the training hours. You’ve got the perfect shoes. You’ve had your race-day outfit picked out for weeks. But in these last few days before you take to the starting line, what can you do to help perform your best when you take the stage? Edge turned to two elite marathon veterans – Olympic medalist and U.S. record holder Deena Kastor and pro marathoner Lauren Kleppin – to get the best last-minute tips for the hours before the race to help you run your best 26.2 yet.

Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post via Getty Images; Rich Cruse/ASICS LA Marathon

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